Does Target Sell Butane? (do This Instead…)

Butane is a type of petroleum gas that has a very clean burning source that can be readily available for many people. Cigarette lighters can be made with a butane gas tank. They are less expensive than ones that use a propane gas stove.

If you’re wondering if Target sells butane, you’ll find that they don’t have it in their stores. However, you can check with their website to see if it’s available there.

Does Target Sell Butane In 2022?

In Target stores and, you can find a wide range of lighter fluid including butane fuel, fuel oil, kerosene, and Coleman fuel
The reason why Target does not sell butane is because Target does not sell butane fuel. However, you can buy and use the following lighter fluid to do your own DIY and gas station lighter fluid.

If you want to learn more about butane alternatives at Target and what other retailers sell butane, as well as whether there are any age restrictions on the purchasing of butane, keep on reading!

Where Can I Buy Butane Instead Of Target?

You can expect to pay less than $3 at grocery stores like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, so finding a canister for less than $2 should be easier than searching online.

And finally, butane is commonly transported by the automotive industry for use in the automotive industry.

That said, convenience stores make more money on the gas they sell, and a small price increase will not affect their bottom line.

What Can I Buy Instead Of Butane At Target?

Target sells a wide range of lighters and lighter fluid that can be used instead of butane fluid (not the gas). The best-selling item is the Kingsford 32oz charcoal lighter fluid. It is currently available for under $4.

If you are a person with a high-maintenance cat, you may want to look into the $2.99 “Citronella Mist” sold by Home Depot. It comes in a spray can, and it is a nice addition to the cat’s nighttime hygiene routine.

-The cat is a fussy eater.

Can I Use Butane And Lighter Fluid Interchangeably?

Butane fluid is completely different from the products manufactured by Phillips 66 and used by commercial and residential consumers. The Butane gas sold by Phillips 66 is used to create steam and hot water for cooking.

How Much Does Butane Gas Cost?

Walmart is the cheapest place to get butane gas, but it’s usually $2.50 a canister. Home Depot charges around $5 for a 5.5z butane gas canister.

You can use a cheap gas canister in place of a tank, however, if you plan on using a large quantity of butane gas, you may benefit from purchasing canisters in bulk online or at gas stations for less than $5 for a pack of twelve canisters.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Butane?

Customers must be aged 18 or over to purchase butane refill canisters. The ID requirement is to verify the customer is 18 years or over. This is used to verify a valid government ID, so the customer is not buying over the counter.

I need to be 18 to buy butane and I am not. I need to buy it for myself.

To learn more about what your local Costco and Home Depot will do when they sell a gas-powered product, we recommend that you read these related posts.


Target does not have butane or any other type of fuel products. Instead, they sell fuel for your barbecue, grill, and other small-scale fire appliances through

Butane canisters are available in various sizes and in a variety of quantities. Some retailers stock a large variety of sizes, some stock specific sizes, some stock only one size. Some retailers stock the butane canisters for the same price as the propane, some charge a premium for butane. Some are able to quickly change over to butane from propane.

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