Does Asda Fill Helium Balloons? [all You Need To Know!]

If you want to celebrate, you can shop at Asda for a wide range of decorations and party food, all available at affordable prices.

After looking around, I have found that Asda does not fill balloons with helium, however, they do carry balloons that could be filled with helium. As long as they are not super-lightweight balloons like party balloons, they are fine to use for your event.

Does Asda Fill Helium Balloons In 2022?

To find out more about where you can buy helium and how to blow up your own balloons with a helium canister from Asda and an alternative place to blow up balloons, keep on reading.

Can You Buy A Helium Canister From Asda?

You can purchase a canister of helium, allowing you to fill up any helium balloons you have purchased. However, you cannot purchase filled balloons in store.

Asda has bought the company and is bringing it in house.
Asda will have a large balloon business, and will sell everything from helium to fancy balloons and party balloons.

The cheaper option is the 50CT one. It will blow up about 50 balloons.

The expensive option is the 30CT canister, which will blow up around 30 nine-inch balloons.

You can also play it safe and buy multiple cans.

You can also get 2 balloons per can.

The two options are the smallest possible sizes for a home humidifier.
The larger one, if you’re looking to save money, will give you better performance.
The smaller version is more portable.

We would recommend purchasing the smaller canister humidifier if you require a humidifier that is portable. With a smaller canister, you can easily store the humidifier in a cupboard or drawer.

Does Asda Sell Balloons?

Asda has a wide range of balloons, from large party balloon packs to small helium balloons, which are suitable for sending as thank you or birthday cards. The prices start from £1 for a pack of 15 balloons, and you can order them either in-store or online.

2) The Asda balloons come in a variety of colours. All Asda balloons include a free gift.

3) Asda balloons are an excellent way of brightening up the atmosphere in your garden or your home.

4) The Asda balloons are produced by a reputable company.

5) Asda balloons are recyclable so that when you throw them out they can be turned into more balloons at no charge.

If you have more than one, you might want to purchase a balloon pump to use on the more expensive/larger balloon(s).

You can have all of these items delivered when you use Asda’s delivery service.

Does Asda Sell Party Supplies?

There are many products made for different occasions. For the occasion of a birthday party, you can pick up products such as party invitations, streamers and paper plates.

What Shops Fill Helium Balloons In The UK?

You can ask someone else to fill your balloons for you. They might be glad to help and it might also save them a trip to the gas station. However, if you do not ask the right person, they might not see anything wrong with the idea of someone stealing your helium. So, you might be safer asking a friend, but ask the right friend, and you should be safe.

If nobody near you with these skills has a license, do not attempt to obtain one. You will be fined and may have your license revoked.

In addition to its own product, Asda has also announced that it will partner with the company responsible for the game for an exclusive in-store promotion that will include a free balloon with an opening in its packaging.

To ensure you have all your bases covered when going shopping for household items at Asda, be sure to check out this post on whether or not Asda sells Amazon gift cards, if Asda sells paint, and accept a variety of online payment methods.


Asda sold balloons and other party supplies like helium balloons but you can not buy helium balloons.

For the helium, you can buy a canister in-store or online. If you fill the balloons at home, you need to use a helium canister.

There are also some videos showing you how to fill balloons with helium.

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