Does Publix Blow Up Balloons? (your Full Guide)

Do you know if Publix blows up balloons? Do you know if Publix offers helium balloons? Are balloons a good idea for a party? You might be wondering these questions after the recent news about a balloon supplier allegedly blowing up balloons and causing injuries in the U.S.

I’m going to tell you all you need to know regarding the question of Publix blowing up balloons and the overall cost of this service, so keep reading!

Does Publix Blow Up Balloons In 2022?

Publix offers an incredible number of balloons for sale. You can find balloons for almost any occasion, whether you’re looking for a standard white balloon with a bow, or a multi-colored balloon with a party theme, Publix has you covered.

If you’d like to learn everything there is to know about the balloons that Publix sells and other questions, read below to learn everything!

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Helium Balloons At Publix?

You can fill your helium balloons for free at Publix. The price of filling the balloons varies by the size of the balloon and the type of balloon, and your specific Publix store policy.

By using latex or Mylar balloons, each balloon costs $1.29 to blow up, and will cost $2 to fill.

If you happen to find a retailer that gives out free balloon bouquets, though, you might want to go in prepared to pay for them.

Does Publix Sell Helium Balloons?

When you send your floral arrangements to a professional florist you can tell them to use different types of balloons.

It also keeps them near the party supplies in case any guest has accidentally swallowed one while partying.

Publix sells balloons for every type of occasion and you can rent balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and much more.

In addition to regular balloons, which usually come in shades of white or red, you can also get helium balloons and decorative balloons.

When using this balloon, you won’t be charged for the helium balloon, as long as you have proof of purchase at the time you use it.

Does Every Publix Location Fill Helium Balloons?

Although not every store will fill helium balloons, if your store has a floral department, you can take some of the helium balloons that they fill.

You’ll probably want to keep your eyes peeled at the floral department, where the helium tank is kept.

The balloons may or may not have helium in them, but it depends on the store, so you may want to call ahead. My suggestion is call the store and check.

Which Balloons Will Publix Fill With Helium?

If you are going to make a balloon with an helium-filled balloon, then you need a latex balloon or balloon with an air-filled balloon.

If you’re not sure if the balloons are safe to fill with helium, it will often show that helium can be used on the package if it is deflated.

You are also allowed to purchase the balloon at the balloon store at the time of purchase, and it will be free of charge to fill the balloon with helium.

However, you will be given credit for the purchase price of the balloons, if there is any, and they will be inflated with helium for a small fee per balloon.

Where Can You Get Helium Balloons Filled In Publix?

When you go to the floral department, they will fill your helium balloons with air for a reasonable price.

In addition, some stores offer floral services in the back room(s) of the store with only a few employees.

Because it’s best to call your local Publix or ask customer service where to fill helium balloons. If you’re going to the store, be sure to bring your ID.

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I found that if you use helium to blow up the balloons, you don’t run into these problems, and you can really blow the balloons up to sizes that other vendors can no longer sell.

The store sells balloons in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. They are available for both weddings and parties, and the store also sells other party supplies.

There’s more to blow up balloons than just filling them with air. The balloon needs to have something inside to support the air pressure and to be inflated. This typically uses a special gelatin or PVC inner lining.

As long as you’re going out of town, you should be able to bring in two to three tanks of helium if you need them.

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