Streamlabs Paypal (do They Accept It, How To Link, Donations + More)

Streamlabs is a streaming software company that was founded in 2014. Their streaming software allows its users to accept payments like donations.

– Streamlabs does not support PayPal payments yet.
– To connect to PayPal on Streamlabs, you need to enter your PayPal email address on the Streamlabs website.
– When you do this, you should see the option below, “Purchase with PayPal”.
– Once you have done this, you can click the “Purchase with PayPal” button, and then you can add PayPal to your Streamlabs account!

Does Streamlabs Accept PayPal In 2022?

Streamlabs only supports PayPal from 2020 onward. Originally, Streamlabs had a PayPal Legacy option, and only people with PayPal accounts could send money through the PayPal option. However, Streamlabs has now made the PayPal integration so that you don’t need a PayPal account in order to send money.

If you want to know more about how you can make donations to Streamlabs through PayPal, how Streamlabs works, and more, read on!

Does Streamlabs Use PayPal?

Streamlabs now has the PayPal Integration feature, allowing you to take payments for your YouTube channel through the PayPal site.

If you are familiar with the idea of Twitch streaming, you may be able to contribute to a stream on Streamable.

On top of that, the funds are processed directly through PayPal and never held by Streamlabs.

And even when you add PayPal as an authorized payee, you can still use it to process credit card payments directly to PayPal.

The new PayPal donation system allows any user of the free app who wishes to contribute to you to do so using PayPal.

How Do I Receive Donations from Streamlabs using PayPal?

To connect your PayPal to your Streamlabs account, click on the ‘PayPal’ menu on the left of Streamlabs and select ‘PayPal Connected’.

Go to “My profile” and select “Paypal & Friendships”.

Your Streamlab account allows you to have different donation streams, for example, you can have a one-time donation and a recurring one.

Streambel also has the ability to connect to your PayPal account, allowing anyone with a PayPal account to send donations directly to your Streambel account.

To enable PayPal payment integration, navigate to Integration => PayPal => Configure Integration.

To pay for your subscription, sign in using your PayPal account by typing in your email address and password.

How Do I Withdraw Money from Streamlabs?

Fortunately, you don’t need to get any money out of Streamlabs when you use PayPal.

When you donate with PayPal, you can pay to your PayPal account directly, and Streamlabs won’t have a share in your donations at all.

therefore, if you want to withdraw your PayPal balance, you must withdraw it from your PayPal balance.

You can send money to your account by making standard transfer or instant transfer.

If you want to withdraw money from PayPal account, you can just log in to the PayPal official website, and then follow the steps on the website to withdraw the money.

You must visit the App Store in your mobile device and download the Paypal app. You can then log into your PayPal account directly from the app.

Is It Safe to Use PayPal on Streamlabs?

We use PayPal because PayPal is a reliable, secure, and trusted payment provider, and we want to take advantage of this.

However, if you have any further questions or concerns about the policy, you can always email

This will help prevent hackers from obtaining your social security number, your bank balance, and other sensitive information.

You can create a new email address with a different domain name to avoid this kind of issue. I would recommend something like ‘’ for more information.

For more on whether Onlyfans accepts Paypal, see our posts on what to expect from a Paypal account and how to buy V-bucks with PayPal.


Streamlabs now offers PayPal Legacy, and PayPal Integration. Using these methods to pay for membership will cause your payment to be processed directly through PayPal instead of Streamlabs. This allows Streamlabs to make and distribute more revenue on the service itself, and helps keep your payments safe.

The first option allows streamers to accept PayPal donations only from people with PayPal accounts, while the second option allows everyone to donate to your PayPal account through your normal credit card.

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