Sodastream Refill At Target (prices, Sizes, Exchanges, Wait Time + More)

At the time of writing there are several types of flavors to choose from, whether you like your drink on the sweeter or the more refreshing side, there is a flavor for everyone.

Target has a few convenience stores for you to refill your SodaStream. They are located in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Illinois.

SodaStream Refill At Target In 2022

Customers can exchange their empty SodaStream canisters at Target for a refill in 2022 for around $16.95 on average. Alternatively, they can post their empty canisters to Target within 30 days of purchase for a refill.

Do you want to know more about the different sizes of canisters that can be refilled at Target, whether you can buy a SodaStream device, and how long it takes to get a SodaStream refilled?
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How Much Do SodaStream Refills Cost At Target?

The cost of SodaStream refills varies from store to store, but you can expect to spend about $15-$20 for each 60-liter carbonator.

The average cost of $16.95 is among the most expensive places to refill your CO2 for your SodaStream. Walmart, Best Buy, and SodaStream are among the cheapest with each charging around $14.99.

Alternately you can buy the full 60-liter SodaStream carbonators for $29.99 or get two for $64.99. These are better choices than the $2/liter model.

Target ships internationally. You will have to pay to ship domestically, if you’re buying it from Target.

What SodaStream Refill Sizes Are Available At Target?

For now, you can only add liquid to your Carbonator. We’re hoping the manufacturer will soon release a carbonation canister that allows you to charge your device when it’s running low on charge.

Furthermore, older models hold 130-liter cylinders of carbon dioxide which you can replace at various retailers including Target for around $15.

Can You Exchange SodaStream Cylinders At Target?

You can exchange SodaStream cylinders at Target by bringing in an empty cylinder and asking to speak with a Guest Services representative.
You can choose your colors from a variety of colors and you can also choose the type of soda fountain you want to add to your system.

This way, you can save up to 50% by regularly exchanging its bottles at Target instead of replacing them. But, note that all empty SodaStream bottles must be returned to Target within 30 days of purchase.

As long as you are not exchanging your empty cylinders during the allowed exchange period, you will have to pay the full price for the new ones.

Before you make your visit, check out your local store to see if they can fulfill your request.

There is a bit of a difference between the “make your visit” and “check out your local store”.
If the store can’t fulfill your request, you have to find a different store.

How Long Does It Take To Refill SodaStream At Target?

You can also go to your Target store and exchange your SodaStream at the register. Then, leave the store and head to the nearest Target store to get your refilled cylinder.

You can order a refill online through and choose to either have it delivered the same day or have it picked up at the nearest Target store.

If you go with FedEx 2nd Day Air shipping, your order will be delivered to you within 2 business days after you place the order.

However, if you set the preferred delivery option, you will get your refilled canisters at the latest in the next 24 hours.

To do this, you must open your cylinder valves, stop the engine, and then release the brake.

Can You Buy SodaStream Devices At Target?

You can buy SodaStream machines at Target both in-store and online, paying $88.99 for single SodaStream machines.

To get the best deal, go to the SodaStream website. They have a few bundle deals. You can get a SodaStream 2 for $99.99. So if you want the best deal, go to the website.

While the cost of a single-serve bottle of SodaStream home carbonation system ranges from $70 to $95 a pop, some customers have been known to spend upward of $1,500 for individual bottles of the bubbly drink.

What Other Places Will Refill SodaStream?

The main reason for the refill exchange to cut down on waste is because most refills are already made and so they will waste a lot of money if they keep reusing the refills.

– The store will not be allowed to fill more units than the ones in stock.
– The store will be able to refill the bottles through its own distributor, even if the stock is not available.

You can also search for the most accessible place to exchange the SodaStream soda maker.

If you need help getting tanks refilled, see our post on getting Co2 tanks refilled at Walmart, if Lowe’s fills Co2 tanks, and also getting propane tanks refilled at Costco.


You can save up to 50% off the cost of a cylinder when you use your Target Card to refill or exchange a SodaStream CO2 carbonator. If you’re not bringing your empty cylinder to your local Target, you’ll have 30 days to post the empty cylinder to them or to receive a replacement immediately from or their same-day delivery option.

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