Does Best Buy Refill Ink Cartridges? (full Guide)

The days of buying expensive ink cartridge replacements, and also in some cases, buying a brand new printer which can sometimes be cheaper.

Instead, Best Buy does not refill ink cartridges. Instead, they sell them. Customers are not wary that they can refill ink cartridges. Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not Best Buy refills ink cartridges. Here is what I discovered.

Does Best Buy Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022?

You can’t refill empty ink cartridges. This is the responsibility of the people who use the printer, not Best Buy. I have a printer at home. I have used it already for many years, and I refill the ink cartridges myself. You’re welcome to read this article if you want to know more about it, and then you can decide whether you want to buy a printer.

You shouldn’t buy ink cartridges from outside. The cartridge refills will be too costly and the ink quality will be far worse than that of your own. You need to refill your cartridges at Best Buy.

How Can You Refill Ink Cartridges At Best Buy?

There are a few different options, and you can do the refill yourself or request that Best Buy do it.

The Geek Squad will tell you when your ink cartridge is almost empty, and will give you an estimated time when it’s ready for you to come pick it up.

In addition, you will be provided with information about the types of ink, toner, and paper that your printer requires, refilled cartridges, and accessories that might be needed.

How Much Is Ink Cartridge Refill At Best Buy?

Ink cartridges are pricey and Best Buy charges customers in the neighborhood of $7.98-14.99 for refilling. I pay $3.00 per cartridge.

The ink cartridge refill is determined by the quantity of cartridge you bring for refilling.

If you want to get a precise price for your own ink cartridge, you should go to the Best Buy store or contact Geek Squad at 1-800-433-5778 for in-store and in-house queries and services.

Is It Cheaper To Fill Cartridges At Best Buy Or Buy New Ones?

From my research, the cost of filling ink cartridges is cheaper than buying new cartridges.

A refill cartridge is much more cost-effective than buying a new cartridge, but it’s also one of the least reliable ways to print because there’s still plenty of waste left in the ink after printing.

Through the stores, the store will refill cartridges for Dell printers, Canon printers, Lexmark printers, and HP printers.

If refilling the printer ink will not help, then it is wise to spend a few hundred bucks at the local Staples store and purchase a brand new printer.

If you are thinking about replacing your cartridge, you should consider having it done by a professional, as it can permanently damage the printer.

Does Best Buy Give You Money For Empty Ink Cartridges?

Although you may not get any money for the used ink cartridges at Best Buy, there is a recycling program so you can get rewarded for disposing of the used ink cartridges and the company will give them to organizations that can recycle them.

Instead of selling more ink cartridges directly to consumers, Best Buy decided to take a new approach and began by providing a convenient drop-off location and a $2 coupon for every ink cartridge the customer wants to recycle.

If you are in the My Best Buy loyalty program, you will receive a 15% off your ink purchase when you recycle your cartridges.

Best Buy offers two offers: one offer for recycling unused toner or ink cartridges, and one offer for buying new cartridges. You can only apply one of these offers per $40 worth of newly bought toner or ink. This is the only restriction on these offers.

To learn more, you might want to go read up on whether or not Walgreens refill ink cartridges, if CVS refills ink cartridges, and if Sam’s Club refills ink cartridges.


Best buy has a service called Geek Squad, the company has services which are related to computers. The service includes computer repair, and tech support services. The service is available at most physical retail outlets.

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