Does Dollar General Sell Plan B? (all You Need To Know)

You’ll take a morning-after pill when you’ve had unprotected sex and need emergency contraception.
After the pill is taken, sperm may die within 36 hours.
The morning-after pill will not affect the sperm if it is swallowed after this time period.

If you’re wondering whether Dollar General sells Plan B or any other emergency contraceptives, you’ll find the answers to your questions below! You can also learn more about Plan B on the FDA’s website!

Does Dollar General Sell Plan B In 2022?

According to the CDC, Plan B One-Step, One-Step EC, and ella are the only approved emergency contraceptive pills. They can be used within 72 to 120 hours of unprotected sex. However, they only protect against pregnancy until seven days after unprotected sex. For that reason, they are not an effective form of birth control.

You can find out more about Plan B and if there is a minimum age for purchasing if you carry on reading for more useful facts and tips.

Can You Buy Plan B at Dollar General?

Dollar General doesn’t sell emergency contraception pills so girls can plan birth control.

Plan B One-Step is available at most pharmacies and some over the counter drugs stores such as CVS, Albertsons, and Walgreens.

Where Can You Buy Plan B?

Plan B is a prescription drug and it can only be purchased by a licensed pharmacy and they can only be picked up at your pharmacy or doctor’s office.

You can’t buy Plan B over the counter. You may find it in the women’s health section.

Some people suggest this method of birth control for those who have not planned or who have not purchased Plan B or similar pills.

Why Doesn’t Dollar General Sell Plan B?

Dollar General doesn’t sell Plan B contraceptives, or it’s too expensive. Maybe Plan B isn’t an official Dollar General item.

What Else Can I Take Instead of Plan B?

Emergency contraception contains levonorgestrel. You can find non-norgestimate or levonorgestrel, but this may delay your period.

It also appears that emergency contraception is a lot safer and far more effective than having an abortion.

They’re the same, but they were patented differently.

What is the Age Requirement for Purchasing Plan B?

Plan B is available without a prescription and there is no minimum age to buy Plan B. You can buy Plan B over the counter without a prescription.

If you have a baby at a young age and you want to get pregnant again, birth control pills (also known as female hormones) can help.
You put them in your mouth and they melt away like candy.

The cost of the prescription might be cheap but it cost a lot of money when you include all the other health care costs associated with it.

How Much Does Plan B Cost?

Plan B is available through most health insurance plans and is not usually
included in the copayment. If your insurance plan is a Medicaid plan, you
will need a prescription. You can buy Plan B at many drug stores and
grocery stores.

The Plan B pill is free at most community health centers from the ages of 15 to 65, and the pills are available at no cost to low-income women and teens at Planned Parenthood health centers.

You can learn more by watching our videos on whether or not Costco sells Plan B, if Dollar General sells cigarettes, and does Dollar General sell alcohol.


Dollar General doesn’t sell Plan B or any other emergency contraceptives. However, they’re easily available at most drug stores and large retail stores.

Plan B can be used by any woman, including minors, regardless of her age. The cost of Plan B is usually covered by insurance. Health plans and some private insurance companies cover all the costs of Plan B. Planned Parenthood offers a very low cost option for Plan B. The public sector and the majority of private health plans do not cover the cost of Plan B. To find out more about the availability of Plan B at your clinic, contact the clinic.

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