How Early Will Walgreens Refill A Prescription? [all You Need To Know]

The company is among America’s largest drugstore chains with convenient services that allow customers to fill their prescriptions regularly.

If you’re wondering when your local Walgreens will refill your prescription, you might want to know that you can expect it as early as the next day if you’re in a hurry.

How Early Will Walgreens Refill A Prescription?

In addition to the limits on how many refills you can go through at any one time, your healthcare provider also sets the maximum time interval between refills. For instance, your doctor may not allow you to get a script refilled more than twice a month.

So if you need to refill medication before 3 days, how should you get it done? What medications can you easily refill earlier than 3 days? Keep on reading to find out!

Why Are You Not Allowed To Get A Refill At Walgreens As Early As You Want?

Some people will keep getting refills before the prescription is finished, and some people will try to get a prescription from as many different doctors as they can.

To avoid these problems, the service should limit refillability to a specified number of times per day and per device. This would be straightforward to implement using a simple lock-in scheme.
The service could also limit the number of refills allowed per day per customer. This would allow customers to use multiple devices if they wish to, but it would also prevent abuse.

How Does Your Insurance Plan Affect How Early You Can Get A Refill At Walgreens?

Your pharmacy will process your refill as quickly as possible, unless it is taking additional time to check if your prescription qualifies for extended fill time.

Most insurance companies will not cover refills made later than 3 days of your last prescription. Because of this, Walgreens will either refuse to refill your prescription and you will have a hold placed on your prescription, or they will refill your prescription earlier than the limit you set in your settings.

To get information about early refill limits for your insurance plan and the process you have to follow in case you will need one, you should get in touch with your insurance provider.

In What Situations Can You Get Your Prescriptions Refilled Early?

1. You have a prescription that has expired and it has been more than 7 days from the date of the prescription.

How Can You Get Your Prescription Refilled Early?

You will need to write a prescription refills early, the plan out beforehand and communicate with your pharmacy and insurance provider about the requirements you need to complete.

Your insurance provider might have already been aware of your situation and granted you travel and emergency exceptions. The insurance provider might not have any information about your travel plans. So, you’ll need to contact your insurer and tell them your situation. You should have some idea of how much time you have to wait before the next flight out of the country, so you can calculate how late or early you need to cancel the trip.

However, if you have other medications besides the ones mentioned here, such as vitamins, you may not require a separate prescription for these as long as they are not affected by the medication that you are taking.

How Can You Get An Early Refill For A Controlled Substance?

For prescriptions that require refills, the sooner you call the prescription pharmacy to get the prescription filled, the better it is for your health.

Pharmacists will receive a prescription request from your healthcare provider either electronically or through fax. A prescription order will need to be filled. Walgreens will then request that your medication be refilled no later than your current pill supply.

Your prescription may have limited number of refills, or be for a time period that ends in an odd number of days.

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Conclusion: How Early Will Walgreens Refill A Prescription?

Walgreens will fill a drug prescription within three days and remain under the limit for each refill. If you have a prescription for controlled substances, you will need to provide a new prescription for each refill.

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