Depot Scan Meaning Fedex (what It Means + Other Common Faqs)

It’s hard to keep your eyes off your tracking information while waiting for a package. Indeed, you probably don’t even know where your package is, or if you sent it out.

Every time FedEx employees see an incoming package, they have the option to put the item into an unloading area or a scanning area. In the scanning area, employees place the item into a scanning device and check out the items.

Depot Scan Meaning FedEx In 2022

If you still want to know what FedEx’s depot scans are doing and what it is, then keep reading this article.

What Is A FedEx Depot?

What a depot is in plain English, is a place where your packages are stored until they are sent to you.

This can mean that:

A. FedEx is only in business in specific areas.
B. A FedEx store exists in that area.


Essentially, the place where you drop off or send the packages is called a FedEx depot.

What Is A FedEx Depot Scan?

Because “depot” can refer to various FedEx locations, you may not come across this term when checking out your tracking information.

The information that you’ve scanned is located at a FedEx location.

We are proud to offer the newest and fastest way to communicate with people you care about.

If FedEx has a record of your package in their system, they’ll be able to say something about where your package is and how long it’s been at a particular location.

In addition, this technology also enables FedEx to update tracking information and keep customers informed about the whereabouts of their packages.

What Information Does A FedEx Depot Scan Include?

“Your package will be transported to the following location within 3 business days”
and the exact delivery date.

How Long Does A Package Stay At A FedEx Depot After Scanning?

If all goes well, you won’t have to wait longer than half a day for your package to be shipped.

The only problem with it is that employees spend so much time loading a few packages and then unloading them.

Do I Need To Do Anything When I See A FedEx Depot Scan?

It’s just a notification that your delivery will arrive in your neighborhood around that time. So you can call the delivery service to know when and where to expect your package.

All this status means is that your package has changed hands and is now in transit on its way to its final destination.

I believe you are correct, and I do not want you to feel obligated to post my message, as I am not going to be around forever.

This means you need to have a strategy in place, as to when you will be checking the repository.

The best piece of advice is to wait for at least a day or two because the package needs to pass a few checkpoints before it can be delivered.

This package is being delivered by FedEx. If you are not home, the carrier will leave the package at your apartment and you will be informed when the carrier returns.

What Does Hub Scan Mean FedEx?

Hub scans refer to the scans that are sent from hubs to your FedEx office.

A hub scan indicates that your shipment has arrived at a central location in FedEx’s infrastructure. Subsequent scans will be done by a hub-associated scanner that is closest to where the shipment resides.

Where Can I Find A FedEx Depot Near Me?

If you’re looking to pick up some packages from a nearby FedEx depot, it’s important to know where you’re going.

To find the nearest FedEx shipping depot, you can use the FedEx website locator which allows you to search by zip code or town and state name.

Plus, you can search for a specific shipping service, such as a package drop-off, 24-hour services, or dangerous good services.

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for any questions about FedEx delivery services, you can also visit,, or contact FedEx directly.


[C] In the United States, a warehouse is the primary place where a company stores inventory, and is usually run by a distribution center.

If your package contains a package, then the package must be scanned twice for security purposes. The first time, the package is scanned by a security guard. The second time, the package is scanned by security agents at the first location.

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