How Long Does Fedex Hold Packages? (all You Need To Know)

Getting packages delivered quickly right to your door is ideal, but it’s not always possible. If there is an issue with the delivery you will receive a notification that it will be delivered.

You can ask your driver to hold packages at any FedEx location for free. To take advantage of this service, the delivery person must log in to the FedEx website to request package holding. FedEx will then hold the package for you and release it at your convenience. When the package is ready, you can request it to be delivered to your home or business. You can request a package to be held for up to five days.

How Long Does FedEx Hold Packages In 2022?

After seven business days, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express parcels return to the sender. Customers can request an extension with the FedEx customer service department and present photo ID and the tracking number for their package.

There’s lots more to know about FedEx’s package holding service, please take time to read the rest of this guide!

What Does “Hold At Location” Mean FedEx?

If FedEx holds a package at a central location, it means there is not enough space in the local facility to hold the number of packages that have arrived at that location.
If FedEx holds packages at a satellite facility, it means they have space available but the amount of space they can hold is limited.
If FedEx holds packages at the local facility, it means it can hold the number of packages that have arrived but there may be other packages that need to be shipped out before the current cargo can leave.

You can choose a FedEx location or a participating retailer when you Order a FedEx ground package, or you can pick up your FedEx ground package at a participating retailer’s location.

So Walgreens, Albertsons, Dollar General, and Kroger will be part of the deal.

In some cases, customers choose to have their package delivered to a holding location when purchasing shipping labels for a group of packages on the same order.

FedEx holds packages in the event you missed a delivery attempt.

Can I Tell FedEx To Hold A Package?

You can also tell FedEx to hold your package even if it is delayed. In other words, there’s no need to wait for an email confirming that your package is delayed and will be delivered by a certain day or time.

We can hold your order at your local store for four days. The store can only hold one order at a time, and you will receive an automatic notification when it’s ready.

Here you’ll also be able to choose where you’d like to have your package delivered.

Next, go to the website for the company that delivered the package and type in your order number. You will be informed when the package is ready to be picked up.

– If an address that you use for tracking is different from your shipping address,
– If the package is returned to the FedEx location (and you don’t have a record of the return in the FedEx app),
– If you have the Tracking ID from a previous shipment

And here is what the FedEx Delivery Manager app looks like.

This method allows you to retrieve the package from the location of your choosing, instead of having to retrieve it from the Post Office. Using the Scan Code app, you will be able to retrieve the package from any place as long as you have a QR code scanner on your phone.

If you request a hold on your shipment it will be held at the nearest FedEx location to your house. You will be notified by email when your shipment is ready for pick-up.

In addition to being able to request a package hold when purchasing a shipping label, it is possible to also request a package hold while purchasing a shipping label.

For instance, a package is delivered to your office, it makes its way to your desk, and then, by some miracle, it gets placed in your outbox.

Which Services Does FedEx Hold Packages For?

When you select your package type, you can choose between FedEx Express, FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery.

These companies offer fast premium shipping services that get your products to their destination as fast as possible.

So, if you’re shipping to New York and the package is delayed, it could be that when it hits the hub in New York, there are no more slots available to ship it to.

How Does FedEx “Hold At Location” Work?

If you leave a package in the FedEx location, you can track it using the status on the Managed Package Center page. Tracking allows you to see what FedEx is doing with your package.

This will tell you how to pick up your package. You must present a government ID to the delivery person, and can only pick up the packages at this location.

The only thing you need to provide here is the tracking number. You’ll need to know this before you bought the package, so make sure to take note of it.

– A copy of a valid driver’s license.
– A copy of a passport from a country that is on the Visa Waiver Program.
– A credit card, check, or debit card with a valid U.S. address.
– Other official documentation showing your current address.

Why Should I Use The FedEx Package Hold Service?

There are several reasons that people choose to use the package hold service; this service increases their safety, enables them to access their package, and gives them convenience.

Having your package delivered to a secure location means no more parcels being stolen from your doorstep.

And if there’s no one at home when your package arrives, no one can steal it.

People would have to go to a central location to pick up packages, and in some cases, even that may not be an option depending on your living situation.

You may also want to find a store that will be interested in offering you a hold for your item if you’re not home or just out of town.

The “Hold at Location” service is convenient because it means that when
customers are out buying a product, they don’t have to pay full retail because they can
just hold that item for later.

For example, when you have a package with a required signature, it might be possible to leave it at the post office before the delivery guy comes to collect it.

What Happens If You Miss The FedEx Package Pickup Window?

It is important to note that if you are not home, FedEx will hold the package for four business days and then release the package to your local depot. So, if you are out of town for a week, be aware that your package will probably be sitting in your local depot for a week.

If you don’t see shipping results within one business day, contact FedEx Customer Service for assistance.

The only way to know the final status of your shipment is to check your shipment summary when you login to your FedEx account. This is a view of your FedEx shipment summary page.

You can also check your shipment status at

If you are interested in knowing more about why we need to know about this, you can read some of our other posts on why it’s important for companies to scan packages, why it’s bad to deliver mail in boxes, and why FedEx delivers so much at night.


FedEx’S “Hold at Location” service is a free service that gives customers more security and convenience.
The Paraphrase method is easier to learn, and will save you time and frustration when you are writing or speaking.

customers may be able to extend the hold time, but it varies by location.

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