Does Amazon Own Goodreads? (all You Need To Know)

In recent years, Amazon has expanded into other markets, such as clothing, electronics, and consumer goods. The company is on track to reach $100 billion in 2018 from its current market cap of $88 billion.

There has been speculation on the internet that Amazon is starting to take over Goodreads. I decided to look into this and found it is very likely that Amazon owns GOODREADS.

Does Amazon Own Goodreads In 2022?

Amazon acquired GoodReads earlier this year. The acquisition included a large user base, GoodReads’s community reviews and book recommendations engine. Amazon users can now link their Amazon account to their Goodreads account, leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon at the same time and more.

In case you want to learn more about what Amazon and Goodreads are, how they work and why Amazon bought them, keep on reading this article for more useful facts, tips and info.

Why Did Amazon Buy Goodreads?

The purchase of Goodreads is to increase the company’s position in the book industry.

As the world’s most-visited book website, Amazon will be able to track book trends and provide customers with the books they’d like to read.

So, in addition to making more money by owning Goodreads, Amazon has been able to stay one step ahead of companies like Barnes & Noble and Apple, whose customers make up a fair portion of Goodreads users.

Amazon bought Goodreads and they can now start to push their own e-books, as well as those from other authors.

How Much Did Amazon Pay for Goodreads?

When Amazon purchased Goodreads, they wanted to keep the details to themselves so that the public didn’t get the wrong idea.

Many people were surprised that Amazon spent $150 million to acquire Goodreads, but they still have a good user base as an online book community.

The price of the acquisition was too high for Amazon, as the company had to spend 17.3% of their revenue on the purchase, which meant they had to cut back on other projects. With the acquisition of Goodreads, Amazon has created a vast network of users that can be used to increase the company’s revenue.

Was Amazons Purchase of Goodreads Bad?

When Amazon bought Goodreads, some people in the book community were shocked. Then Goodreads went down, and it became a very common topic at meetings in the bookstore.

Book readers were disappointed when Amazon bought Goodreads, but I think there were different reasons for that, depending on your personal feelings on Amazon overall. I think there was disappointment that Amazon could purchase a smaller company like that, but also that many book readers were still disappointed that Amazon did purchase Goodreads and would see some changes.
I think the answer is, many reasons.

The book community felt that the app would no longer be as enjoyable or as authentic of an experience, like the previous Goodreads, due to various aspects, such as the consistent Amazon advertisements featured prominently in the app.

How Did Amazon Change Goodreads?

Goodreads changed some features to better suit Amazon’s customers. Now members can read reviews, add books to their lists, and post recommendations.

Customers can now login to Goodreads by logging into their account.

Customers can add books they’re reading or want to read to their Reading List on the Kindle device, and they can add books they’re reading or want to read to their Goodreads profile from their Amazon purchase history.

Goodreads, a social network that lets people share book reviews, author and publisher information, and recommendations allows customers to share their Kindle books with friends as well as groups they are a part of by adding their Kindle books to their Goodreads profile.

Do Goodreads Reviews Show Up on Amazon?

Amazon’s Goodreads app and website are synced with the shopping database and the product and customer reviews to gather and display customer reviews and ratings.

However, the sync only works one way, meaning if a user leaves a book review on, the review will not show up on

Do You Have to Use Amazon to Log in to Goodreads?

You may choose one or many when signing up. You may use any of the other services available as well. You can also use your Amazon account to sign up. If you already have an Amazon account, you can link your Goodreads account.

The new platform also allows new users to browse the book catalogs of those with whom they have previously connected to Goodreads through the program.

However, if they want to sync their reading goals and locate good reviews and recommendations, they should link their Amazon account to their Goodreads profile.

They will now be able to add your book to the reading queue so that they may pick it up. They may also access customer reviews to learn more about your book or its characters.

Did Amazon Ruin Goodreads?

The Goodreads members felt that if Amazon wanted to buy Goodreads, they should just use it for free. But then Amazon bought Goodreads and didn’t want to just use it for free.

As seen in the latest version of the Goodreads website and app, Amazon never really started to change the Goodreads website and now owns and controls it with only a few minor exceptions.

The only major change is how customers use the Goodreads app to communicate with other members.

Their users still use Goodreads, they still rate users, they still enjoy the ability to see their friends’ book lists, etc.

In case you have to return or exchange a book, you can return the books to the nearest Amazon store location. Also, you can return books via the Bookseller website.


Goodreads customers have now been given the opportunity of directly linking their accounts with their Amazon accounts. This will make it easier for customers to track their reading goals.

Goodreads members can link their Amazon purchase history to Goodreads which will add books they had purchased from Amazon to their Goodreads profile. As well as, customers can link their Kindle highlight and notes within Goodreads app to share with their friends.

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