Amazon Book Rental (how It Works, Returning, Types Of Books, Fees + More) offers a vast array of book titles to choose from. If you’re a regular reader of books or looking for books for school, reading for pleasure, or to pass the time during long flights, has hundreds of millions of books available for purchase.

Amazon book rental is about buying a book and then renting it to a member of the public. The Amazon book rental program is a new way to buy books and at the same time lend books or lend your books to someone else. The idea is very good, but it is a hassle to find the right book to try out before committing to having the book in your house.

How Does Amazon Book Rental Work In 2022?

Books could be rented through the Amazon app or any Amazon website to be shipped to your house or office, and can be delivered to the nearest Amazon location. You can also make a reservation for free two-hour delivery and pickup.

If you’re interested in renting books from Amazon, keep reading for everything you must know, including how much it costs and how you receive and return.

How Do You Rent And Return Books To Amazon?

Renting books on Amazon is convenient, and even more convenient when you can return them to the store, but there’s a lot of things to keep in mind.

Once rented you can return the books using the provided return tracking code, and your money will be refunded according to the terms.

You sign a rental agreement with Amazon. You pay a monthly fee to rent the Kindle device and you have the option to purchase the Kindle at the end of your rental period for the discounted price. The Kindle will ship to you and you’ll return it to Amazon when your rental period is up.

Amazon Rentals offers a variety of book rental options and includes 100% of the rental fee toward the purchase of the book should you decide to keep it in any of the rental options.

What Types Of Books Can You Rent On Amazon?

Amazon mostly rents textbooks, but there may be other things you can rent as well. Books that are commonly used for educational reading may be available for rent on Amazon.

Book Rental offers a wide variety of courses ranging from popular fiction and children’s books to textbooks and college-level books.

To explore the full range of rentals on Amazon, click the link at the top of any book description page or browse Amazon’s book section for more books.

You may also view the book details by selecting “Book Details” from the Book Details page.

Can You Rent Textbooks On Amazon?

Buying a textbook online at Amazon costs less than buying the book paper and ink for the same price.

There are many students who take advantage of the free shipping that Amazon offers. Prime Students have the option of renting textbooks.

You also should check if the textbook rental library will support your college bookstore. Some libraries, like the ones at the University of Kansas, support every college and university textbook rental library on their website.

New and used textbooks are offered for rent on Amazon. If they are in acceptable condition, Amazon guarantees the books will be in that condition.

How Much Does Amazon Book Rental Cost?

Rental of a book is expensive and the demand for any book is fluctuating.

Textbook rentals usually cost around half the cost of buying the book because students only need the book for a short amount of time.

If you are under 25, Prime Student offers you free 2-day shipping on Amazon book rentals, plus the cost of return shipping is covered too.

All of the money goes toward purchasing the book in the case you decide to buy it later.

Where Can You Return Amazon Rental Books?

Students may or may not prefer the ease and convenience of shipping Amazon textbooks back with the provided shipping label. Shipping is free when you use the provided label to send Amazon books back.

You can add extensions to your Amazon book rentals, where you can view reviews of your rental, make note of the number of rentals you’ve done, and share your rental with friends. If you don’t see any extension options, there’s no way to see information about your Amazon book rentals in one place.

To make sure that you don’t forget to return your books you will be notified via text message to remind you about the need to return them. If you do not request an extension and your book is postmarked late, you may be charged for an additional rental period.

To get to know more about Amazon, you might also want to check out if Amazon buys books, how safe it is to buy books on Amazon, and if it’s a good idea to buy used books on Amazon.


Students can rent or buy textbooks at great prices through Amazon’s Bookstore and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Any books that are eligible for rental on Amazon will appear on the product page. If you see the rent button next to the buy option, you can explore the rental terms and arrange for fast delivery of rented reading materials.
If you are thinking to rent a book you found on the Kindle Store, then you can follow the steps mentioned on this webpage. The rental fee and delivery charges are the same as you would have encountered if you had purchased the book.

If you need a book for a semester you might like to check out the library and ask them for a copy.

When it’s time to return the books you rented; you can just print the shipping label from your AMZ account and send it back for free.

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