Does Amazon Buy Books & Textbooks? (Try This Instead)

There is often a good selection of books available for sale on Amazon, that are discounted and offer excellent customer service. They also cater for those with allergies, with an extensive range of products that are free of allergens such as gluten, dyes etc. There are also an extensive range of books available that are for sale with the University Library.

Amazon will buy your books, textbooks, or used books from you if you have a Amazon Prime membership, have at least 2 years of the Amazon Prime free trial, and own a Kindle device.

Does Amazon Buy Books & Textbooks In 2022?

The buyback program was shut down in April 2020. Customers can still sell used books/textbooks on Amazon Marketplace by becoming an independent third-party seller, but this might not be the best option anymore. To sell textbooks, you might need to check with the school district. You can also sell books on eBay (but eBay has the highest fees).

In order to learn more about how to sell books through Amazon, whether Amazon accepts textbooks as a trade-in, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Amazon Have Textbook Trade-In?

To buyback, Amazon makes the product cheaper with a credit for future purchases, even if you’re not a Prime member. You can also buyback if you’re using a gift card with a promo code.

The business failed and was sold to Pearson in 2008, which has made the service a better and more feature-rich product that also includes the ability to use the textbook in the app.

Students will no longer be able to use their Kindle to buy textbooks through Amazon, instead using an online system similar to Rent-A-Textbook.

While there is no longer a specific platform for book trading on Amazon, they do have a couple of more-straightforward options.

How Can You Sell Textbooks On Amazon?

This program was started a few years ago and allows you to sell your used books (like textbooks) on Amazon.

However, you cannot update how you’re using your Amazon Prime account – which is why I like to have a separate Amazon account for my Kindle and also a separate account for my Amazon Prime services to save even more money.

For those who need a little more assistance, this page has more to say about the specific trade-in options and how you can qualify for them.

So, if you want to be a successful Amazon seller in the future you need to start an Amazon seller account right now.

Sign up to sell books on Amazon. It’s really easy, actually, to join Amazon’s third-party marketplace, where you can sell books as new or used products. You can sell books in Amazon’s Marketplace or sell books independently through Amazon’s Direct Book Store.

If you are starting out with a small inventory of books, you may want to add a small value to your stock, at least for the first few years.

You can choose to sell as an individual or you can choose to do it as a professional. Whichever option you choose, you are going to have to ship the textbooks to the customers.

If you have a book, you can sign up and make your book listings live by filling in your personal identity information, your bank details, and your book’s ISBN and SKU number.

If you don’t want to use Amazon, you can list your books/textbooks on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other online selling platform.

Should You Sell Textbooks Online?

Since the textbook has become the main form of course material, students are spending a lot of money on them.

because it makes more sense to sell books and other reading materials for people who can use them than to have them sitting around un-used, collecting dust.

Additionally, if you have older editions or niche/rare titles, you may actually be in luck as students might actually be looking for these titles but at the time be unable to find them in their university store.

Even though there are many book retailers, none of them get as much traffic as Amazon. is an online shopping company and bookseller. It allows for easy and quick searches of all sorts of items, while also offering different discounts at different times.

Making it easy to view similar listings and decide on a quality that matches the price.

Plus you have the option to pick either to have your item shipped to you or have it shipped to Amazon (like fulfillment centers), so you can either get it yourself or have it mailed to you.

The seller can also use the Amazon FBA program to sell their own products and ship them on Amazon directly, which can help save on costs.

The price is determined by weight and the fee covers our delivery, handling, packing, and any potential returns.

As an author, you don’t want the hassle of manually managing your inventory on Amazon, so you should consider this service.

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Amazon’s textbook buyback program was shut down in 2020 without official explanation, although it’s presumed to be due to rent trends in the textbook business.

So, now you can use Amazon to sell those used books and get paid, or sell items without Amazon and take a cut yourself.

The first step is to list the book as a product on Amazon Marketplace, and then you can use Amazon Fulfillment to process the sales.

While there are many methods of making money on Amazon, such as and, you can also try the third-party textbook selling sites such as or Barnes & Noble’s Bookshop.

It is also important to remember that Amazon gets 200+ million unique visitors a month meaning there are more eyes on the listings.

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