Buying Used Books On Amazon (things You Should Know Before Buying)

The undisputed leader in e-commerce is, along with its associates, offers a wide variety of products for sale, including books, DVDs, music, electronics, apparel, housewares, toys, games, and more.

Books are great to store on Kindle for reading on the go, or to have at home when you have the time.

I wanted to know if it’s a smart idea to buy used books on Amazon or not. So I made some research and it looks like it can be a good thing.

Can You Buy Used Books On Amazon In 2022?

Amazon is the largest book retailer in the world and there are over 33 million new and used titles available for shipping to more than 100 countries. Books on Amazon for slightly lower prices than new copies cover every genre from mystery to modern fiction, education to entertainment, and so much more.

If you want to learn more about our used book program, check out our FAQ page for all the details!

Are Amazon Used Books In Good Condition?

One thing that Amazon has that eBay doesn’t is that Amazon rates all used books and puts them up for sale. eBay’s book listings say “Sold,” but the titles are not available to view. Additionally, a book sold on eBay can lose up to 40% of its value if the book is an older title and isn’t in good shape.

Many people are used to judging the value of books by the covers. “New” books are the expensive ones and it’s a good way to let the world know you spent a lot of money on it.

This book may have been exposed to previous use, has been mis-labled, out-of-print, or is not in it’s original dustjacket.

As a seller, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You may also report any listing on the Site if you are not completely satisfied. Your complete satisfaction is Guaranteed!

The book is in very good condition: it shows little or no wear, with the spine still intact. Pages are intact and the cover is quite unmarked. The identification of previous owners and other details are absent.

There are also various non-book items, like CD’s, DVD’s and video games, that are sometimes present on Amazon.

Lastly, acceptable used books, the pages are always readable, and the original cover is present, although there could be notes and highlighting. The book could have a small dot or nick in the cover, but the book is still in generally good condition.

What about books without the publisher’s insignia or text (for example, if you were reading a book bought by a friend and the text is missing, and there is no title, publisher, or copyright information on the cover)?


What Kind Of Used Books Does Amazon Have?

Books are typically classified into categories such as literature & fiction, mystery, thriller & suspense, science fiction & fantasy, contemporary romance, and reference.

This dataset does not allow sorting by categories.

You can search used books on Amazon. If you are looking for a certain book, you can search for it from any Amazon page.

Once you find the book you like, click the “Add to Cart” button to reserve it in the Kindle Store for $3.99 (or the price you paid for the book when you have a membership with Amazon) – you’ll automatically be directed to your Kindle’s checkout page.

We are looking for a qualified individual who is willing to perform a variety of tasks, including research, data processing and entry.

Do you have the qualifications, experience, and skills necessary to do the job?

We are seeking highly motivated individuals, who are passionate about helping our world-class customers and their customers around the world find exactly the product they are looking for.

To find out if a book is available for purchase, you’ll see that question at the top of the screen.

Does Amazon Sell Collectible Used Books?

Amazon’s books range from the classics, to current bestsellers, to books that have recently been released. Even the books that have been left out of the collection due to lack of space, can be purchased through Amazon.

Books in unacceptable condition must be returned within 14 days of receiving them, otherwise the price will be charged to your credit card.

If you don’t have a copy of the book, it’s not considered new or very good condition.

How Much Do Used Books Cost On Amazon?

Amazon also created a line of e-readers in collaboration with the largest publishing companies.

It was found that the prices of the used books on Amazon varied depending on their condition and demand.

Even if you go on to buy a digital copy on the used book market, you are likely to save a lot of money.

In terms of online stores, Amazon still claims to be the preferred place for customers to buy books. However, it is unlikely that they will be the only outlet, as the e-book book market has become more competitive — and more competitive– in recent years.

Return Policy

If you find a book of a seller has an unsatisfactory return policy, please contact us immediately.

How Fast Does Amazon Deliver Used Books?

Books are relatively lightweight and easy to ship, and it normally takes less than a week for Amazon to ship them to you.
However, it might take a few weeks if the book is very popular.

Amazon Prime members can get free online shipping on eligible items, including new and used merchandise.

The available shipping speeds and delivery dates will be listed on the product page. There will be a link to the delivery date or speed estimate at the bottom of the page.

You can select the shipping options and determine the cost for your other purchases before you decide how much to spend on the used book.

If you would like to find out whether or not you can save money by signing up for Amazon Prime, then you can also read our post on whether or not Amazon Prime includes books, plus you can read about Amazon’s book sale statistics.


With the widest selection of books on Amazon, it’s easy to buy books and buy them for the cheapest price.

You can search Amazon in over 33 million languages and countries. You can also browse based on bestselling titles, genre, or condition. You might also be able to look for books under a specific condition (like used or remaindered).

There’s an interesting little issue of the cover being ‘scuffed’ as I’m writing this. The cover has been used, which means it’s not the best quality and, even though the writing is neat, it’s not very readable. This could make a big difference in what a reader wants to pay for the book.

You can order books on Amazon, have them shipped to you quickly, and they will work out to be much cheaper than you’re paying now at your local bookstore.

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