What Did Jeff Bezos Do Before Amazon (all You Need To Know)

A very interesting thing happens when you live in Texas as a baby in your parents’ house, get a little older, and then decide to go to college.

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos and his partners in 1994 in the garage of his family’s home in Bellevue Washington.

What Did Jeff Bezos Do Before Amazon?

In order to get to where we are today, we had to work hard, and we had to dream big! And it was at this time that we also had to start thinking about our retirement. After all, even though we are young now, we will surely be working for a long time.
Jeff Bezos on retirement.

So if you are interested about what Jeff Bezos did before Amazon, read this article to learn all that there is to know!

Did Jeff Bezos Come From A Wealthy Family?

While Jeff Bezos was born into a middle-class family, he did not inherit any significant wealth from the American taxpayers.

Instead, she worked as a slave, determined to acquire her freedom.

Not only did this attitude and fearless approach to taking risks help him become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, it also led him to his most notable venture, The Great Gatsby.

The idea was to create a new way of shopping, using online and mobile platforms where a single person could shop from any one of the three main retailers at the time (Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot).

What Was Jeff Bezos’ First Job?

He used his earnings to start Amazon Inc. after he dropped out of Princeton!

Did Jeff Bezos Go To Harvard?

No, he did not go to Harvard. He attended another Ivy League university, Princeton University, where he studied electrical engineering and computer science.

After Graduation, Bezos worked at various Internet companies for a few years. He started Amazon in 1995.

I don’t think he attended Harvard but I think his Ivy League education is definitely a big factor in him succeeding a businessman.

What Was Jeff Bezos Doing After He Graduated College?

After graduating from college, he worked at several different companies for a number of years including Fitel and Bankers Trust.

The business idea that Jeff came up with was an online retail site where people could purchase just about anything.

While he was aware that the direct-to-consumer business model would result in a lower margin for sales, he thought that the model would benefit consumers by reducing the cost for them to purchase such products and the associated shipping charges, as well.

What Was Jeff Bezos’ First Idea?

He needed to bring in a large volume of revenue, but decided it would be easier to expand into an online newspaper.

A huge part of his success was selling books online. His vision was that you would be able to buy a book online and have it sent to your doorstep.

How Did Jeff Bezos Start Amazon?

And what happened was, as the years went by, they grew and they started to expand, and they started to sell other things.

It all started when he noticed that the book industry was changing and that people who had always bought books in person were also looking for new ways to read. He then thought of building a bookstore in the web that would sell books online and through an app.

Not only was he still working his 9 to 5, Jeff was also working on his own startup ideas and had another successful business.

Finally, when he wasn’t busy building Amazon, Bezos worked on other projects. In 1997, he started The Blue River Group, an investment firm run by himself and Jeff Skilling that invested in companies all over the world. In 2005, Bezos also created The Blue Ocean Strategy Group to help manage and focus his business. In 2011, Bezos also founded The Institute for the Future, a nonprofit that focuses on improving the world.

What Was Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth Before Starting Amazon?

In his book, Jeff describes how a friend of his bet him $100,000 that he could make a billion dollars in a year. He made $100,000 in a year and invested the rest. And he had to buy a building in order to cash out his stake.

Did Jeff Bezos Create Amazon By Himself?

For Amazon to stay at the top of the eCommerce industry, it is important for the company to do whatever it takes to stay there.

As he started to receive feedback and questions, he had team members continuously working on developing and improving the concept to ensure it was the best product possible.

I think a lot of people have this misperception that Amazon is a one-man show. [Original]:
“It’s not a race to the bottom where you’re just looking for the cheapest, it’s a race to the top.”
Yes, you want to be able to scale and grow your business.

Indeed, one of Amazon’s greatest strengths has been its ability to learn from others and adapt.

He also admires Steve Jobs and says that he, like the tech guru, was unafraid of the media and didn’t care what people thought of him, including his fans.

Amazon has been able to evolve and thrive over the years because of the fact that the company has been willing to hire those with different backgrounds and experience, allowing those employees to share ideas and work together to come up with a new way of doing things, something that has helped the company thrive.

What Is Jeff Bezos Worth Now?

Bezos’ net worth is estimated at around $150 billion right now – but there is still a lot more to be added on top of that.

And also, you can read our post about what is Amazon SWOT analysis and Amazon business model.


Bezos kept working when most people would have given up after facing multiple challenges on their way to success.

What happened to the bookstore was that Jeff Bezos had an idea of a small device with a screen that would enable people to read on.

Also, his perseverance, which got him where he is today, makes him such an inspiration to everyone who is starting their own business.

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