Does Amazon Own Google? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon owns many businesses. These include such major companies as Whole Foods Market, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Films, and a number of others.

However, some customers (including myself) may be wondering whether or not Amazon also owns Google, due to the large size of both companies.
Some will also be curious how Amazon got so large and powerful, while Google is still a relatively new startup. If this is also what you’re wondering, keep reading to understand a bit more about both companies.

Does Amazon Own Google In 2022?

Amazon is not owned by Google, nor does the company have any connection to Google. However, Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, owns a small amount of stock in the company in his personal finances. Nevertheless, Amazon and Google are not related to each other through their ownership.

If you want to know more about Google’s owner, if Amazon is affiliated with it, whether Amazon plans to purchase it, and more, read on for more information!

Who Owns Google?

Larry Page, Sergey Brin and other company founders created Google was founded in 1998. It is now owned by Alphabet Inc.

Mark Zuckerberg also stepped down after his first year, but held on to a major portion of shares.

Besides owning Google itself, Alphabet owns all other companies under the Google banner, including Fitbit, Calico, CapitalG, Google Fiber, and many other companies.
[Intro]: After the initial purchase of the Alphabet portfolio, Google CEO Larry Page wanted to diversify his portfolio.

Although there is a lot of speculation that Amazon will purchase google, to this point Amazon has not approached Google to discuss this possibility.

Are Google and Amazon Affiliated With Each Other?

Amazon, a company founded in 1994, and Google, a company founded in 2001, announced that they were planning to work together on home automation.

While there is little development so far, the three companies announced that 2020 will be the year they begin to develop the technology.

Amazon is a bit of a strange company. I don’t really associate it with the Google culture at all. It seems more like a more aggressive Microsoft. Which of course isn’t really true, but it has that kind of vibe to me.

Does Amazon Have Shares in Google?

The news about this potential merger has been met with mixed reactions online with some saying that, while Amazon would still be one of our biggest competitors, they would be a far weaker competitor than they are today and others saying that this partnership is a good thing.

Jeff Bezos has invested over $1 billion in Google, but is one of the most famous and influential people in the world.

The following are Amazon’s shareholdings in Alphabet, Google’s parent company. You can see that Amazon owns 16.7%, or $2.1 billion worth of shares, of Alphabet.

The fact that Amazon owns shares of Google does not imply that it supports Google’s political policies, but it’s worth noting.

So, while Amazon has no money invested in Google, the company’s owner, and founder, currently does and has held shares for over 20 years.

Is Amazon Going to Purchase Google?

According to many, the likelihood of Amazon purchase of Google is very low given their differences in market value.

So there is still the possibility that Google, if it was to buy Zuul, would just be using them as a data collection tool for other projects they are working on.

It’s a good business decision to buy companies that aren’t directly competing with you, because it gives you the opportunity to do better at what the other company is not doing.

Is Amazon a Bigger Company Than Google?

In June of 2021, Google is worth more money than Amazon and they both have very large amounts of cash that can be used to buy up other companies.

Google is currently the more profitable of the two companies and worth more than Amazon, but Amazon will catch up and overtake Google as a larger company.

However, a study by Oxford Economics has recently been commissioned by The Guardian to research how these two companies perform in the US market.

However, one of Amazon’s main problems is that it is still considered the largest online company in the world and is only continuing to grow in size and profit.

Is it a Good Idea for Amazon to Acquire Google?

I think there is no need for Amazon to absorb Google, as both Amazon and Google are competing for customers. That is a much more logical assumption than the other way around.

One of the Google’s biggest competitors is Bing from Microsoft, which is also known for providing a website and search engine that works according to its own principles — they are not to be confused with Yahoo or Altavista. Bing is a search engine to which users can find web pages as well as web links.

This type of advertising is also known as direct response marketing, which is when a product or service is advertised specifically to a client.

Amazon is mainly focused on designing and selling advanced technology such as the Amazon Echo, but it is also the go-to online shopping center worldwide.

This is because they are two different companies, with different business models. Each company has the capability of creating a high-end product that will sell very well. However, neither company has the capacity to create a product that can sell well enough to offset this niche.

But I am still not sure why Amazon got acquired. Perhaps Amazon saw a lot of opportunities with Google’s existing service.

As for if Amazon owns Spotify, which it doesn’t, the company stated that their acquisition of The Washington Post does not apply to Spotify. We also know that Amazon does not own Spotify due to a lack of evidence. The same thing applies to Wayfair. If there is any evidence, we would show that as well.

But it is also possible that Amazon does not own Spotify, which it might be if the purchase applies to Spotify instead of the Washington Post.


The first is that in 2017, Amazon bought a company called “Instagram”, a social media company which was then purchased by Facebook, and then acquired by WhatsApp.

The project was developed in collaboration with Apple and Amazon to create a smart home technology that will create a seamless connection between devices and the home.

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