Is Verizon Unlimited Really Unlimited? (not What You Think)

We’ve all wondered about this question, but Verizon has recently been talking about the fact that Verizon Unlimited is in fact unlimited.

If so, keep reading to find out what I’ve learned about Verizon Unlimited and whether it’s really unlimited, plus more important details!

Is Verizon Unlimited Really Unlimited In 2022?

There are multiple unlimited data plans from Verizon Wireless. And while some data plans do get throttled, if anything does get throttled it isn’t done by Verizon Wireless, but is done by the service and data plans provider themselves.
The truth hurts! I know!

How Much Data Can You Use on Verizon Unlimited?

If you go over 50GB on a single line, you’ll start seeing speed slowdowns with unlimited plans, but you can upgrade and fix the situation with more data.

The data you’re already using, whether you’re on the new 5G Speed, or 5G Get More, will continue to work as normal.

You still get 1 GB of data for free, but you have to make sure that you have at least one of the unlimited or higher data plans.

Fortunately you can only have 50GB of data allowance so if your child downloads more than that, you won’t be impacted on you phone unless you reach that same amount at home.

Does Verizon’s Unlimited Plan Throttle?

Verizon doesn’t throttle their unlimited data plans for those who have unlimited data.
You’re able to use the majority of your data and your speeds will be slower than the unlimited plans which are throttled.
They’re just trying to make you feel bad for using all your data.

If you exceed 50GB/month on your phone, you may notice that your phone displays an additional message saying that your data allowance has been exceeded. You may also notice that streaming video, for example YouTube, may experience lag.

Verizon throttles the data on their network, especially when it comes to streaming or downloading videos and high-resolution images.

The cellular industry has started to throttle down unlimited plan users on networks, which is what we’ve done on some of the plans we sell to our customers.

Why is My Verizon Unlimited Data So Slow?

You might have slower speeds when you are using unlimited data, because your usage pattern is changing the way Verizon Wireless works.

The idea is that in a world of limited resources, it’s important to focus and direct energy and resources toward the places that will provide the most benefits.

With the popularity of unlimited data plans, more travelers than ever are now on the Verizon network highway. That’s creating slowdowns even for unlimited users.

Also if your download speed in GB is over 50 GB then the speed will be limited. But if it’s under 50 GB then you will be able to use high speed.

How Do You Tell If Verizon Is Throttling Me?

The most effective way of telling if Verizon is throttling you is by performing a speed test on your device, which you can do with an app such as Ookla Speed Test, which is free on both iOS and Android.

First, you need to get a base level of performance to keep your mobile device running. Later you will run through the speed test a few different times throughout the billing cycle to check your data plan. You can get these numbers written down to refer to them later.

At the end of this speed test, wait a couple of weeks and run the speed test again. Make note of the numbers. If the numbers have changed, repeat the process.

If you notice that your speeds are slower than normal, you can run the speed test early in your cycle to see if it drops during the month.

Is Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Really Unlimited?

Verizon prepaid is unlimited, because they offer unlimited talking, and unlimited data on 4G.

The internet on your Prepaid Unlimited plan will be slow with speeds that you will notice to be 600 Kbps once you go over 10GB.

On the other hand, the throttling will happen for at least 6 months, so you can expect worse quality on your devices.

Is Verizon Start Unlimited Really Unlimited?

This is really sad. Verizon needs to fix this before the service is sold on other carriers.

Verizon offers the cheapest unlimited plan and during peak times, your network may be slowed down, which means Verizon will throttle the plan.

However, unlike the more expensive plans, there’s no mention of a 50GB premium data allowance before the throttling begins, so it might happen anytime Verizon chooses.

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Verizon has a soft data cap. If you hit 50GB on your line, you will start to see throttling until your usage drops back down to a reasonable amount.

To further emphasize the issue, the throttling actually happens if someone is connected to a VPN and the device is using the Cellular Data. I will have a later post about that.

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