What Is Verizon Safety Mode? (all You Need To Know)

In addition, Verizon is one of the most reliable networks in the United States, and one of the reasons for the safety is its reliability.

How to force your phone to enter Verizon safety mode.
What Verizon safety mode does for you.
How to get your Verizon phone into a mode that makes dialing 911 easier.
How to disable Verizon Safety mode if you want.
How to enable Verizon safety mode if you want.

What Is Verizon Safety Mode In 2022?

Verizon will offer Safety Mode to those who have met their usage allowance under their current plans. This does not apply to those who have used their data allowance under their unlimited plans.
Safety mode does not apply to the Unlimited plans, however, since those data speeds are automatically throttled after the premium usage allowance has been met.

Do you want to learn all of the additional information about Verizon safety mode, including the speed and how you can get out of safety mode? Continue reading!

What Does it Mean to Be in Safety Mode with Verizon?

If you choose to activate Safety Mode, then you can continue using the phone, but the data usage won’t count towards your monthly plan.

However, if you try to open a new tab after a while of browsing, we’re going to warn you about the data limit, and ask if you’d like to switch to safety mode, so you don’t go past the data limit.

While the 5G connection speeds are good, the speeds between a phone and a tower are considerably limited.

What Is Verizon Safety Mode Speed?

As mentioned, the speed is greatly reduced in safety mode, so you can expect your speed will be 128 kbps, which is much slower than you’re used to, but still usable for certain tasks!

However, this device has a lot of problems if you’re someone who likes to stream audio and video. It’s best to use it for general web browsing.

How Do I Get Out of Safety Mode on Verizon?

On Verizon, you can easily disable the premium data speeds for Verizon devices as they’re the only carrier that charge extra for this. To turn off the premium data speeds on your device, follow these steps.

Open your web browser and connect to the Verizon website.
Click on “My Verizon.”
Scroll down and look for “Safety Mode.”
Turn off “Safety Mode” if it’s selected.

This means that if the attacker is not a direct administrator of the machine, it can not stop the computer while it is in safe mode.

Does Verizon Safety Mode Apply to All Lines?

Safety mode will apply to all your lines, which is one of the reasons why only the account owner or account manager can turn on and off safety mode.

This means you don’t have to worry about paying for data on the phone that you don’t use. They are automatically billed at the end of each month and you don’t have to do anything.

Who’s Eligible for Verizon Safety Mode?

If your phone is at risk, you may be exempt from the new Verizon safety mode where you are not required to have a special software update installed on your device.

Does Verizon Safety Mode Turn on Automatically Every Month?

If you’ve signed up for Verizon safety mode, that will turn on automatically during any month where you went over your data usage.

So, if you don’t want to have to manually turn the mode off, you can use our auto backup feature.

When you purchase a prepaid wireless plan, you may be able to get a free upgrade.

As of now, you can charge a $1/month credit card for an extra level of backup, and then you will be hit with overage fees if you go over your data.

Is Verizon Safety Mode Free?

Verizon Safety Mode is free to use. Also when you have a smart phone, you do not need worry about paying for this Feature.

Is Verizon Safety Mode Worth It?

As an extra precaution, Verizon is putting into a Safety Mode to ensure you don’t get your own way if you go over your data limit.
You can find the Verizon Safety Mode webpage here.
One of the most common complaints with Safety Mode is that it takes the phone “off the air” for a little while.

But with mobile data, you aren’t just making calls and using apps; you’re downloading large files.
And so, with higher upload speeds, you can download those files so you’re not just consuming data, but actually producing it.

Â!Â!When you’re in safety mode, the speeds you get on your mobile data plan are reduced, but it’s peace of mind knowing that you won’t find yourself unable to pay your phone bill next month for overage.

To know more about prepaid plans you can read our posts on whether or not Verizon offers prepaid plans, what is a prepaid plan, and if you can use your Verizon prepaid phone on other networks.


Verizon safety mode is an extra option that can be selected on your account, so that if you overspend on data or use too much data, the overage/throttling will be skipped.

Verizon’s shared plans are the least expensive of their three different plans, and since the company isn’t charging you for your data usage, they’ll only ask you to purchase a device and tethering plan when you need more data than the 128Kbps limit allows.

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