Does T-mobile Offer Unlimited Data? (all You Need To Know)

If you are interested in switching from your wireless carrier you should be aware of the unlimited data plans that T-Mobile offers.

What if you want to start off with a better understanding of how T-Mobile works and what you will need to do? Read on!

Does T-Mobile Offer Unlimited Data?

T-Mobile offers unlimited data to customers and there are no overages or data caps. However, your speeds will be reduced during times of congestion on a particular tower if you’ve reached your allotted premium data for the month.

I like T-Mobile because it offers unlimited data, as well as free international calling, free texts, free roaming in the US, free streaming music, free access to T-Mobile TV, free domestic prepaid calling, free nationwide WiFi, free access to T-Mobile online shopping.
And that’s just some of what T-Mobile offers!

What Happens When You Go Over Your Data Limit T-Mobile?

If you go over your data limit on T-Mobile, you will experience data prioritization which means that you will have lower speeds while on a congested tower.

If you don’t want to deal with the throttling, then you should choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth. Otherwise, you’ll be limited to a certain speed after your billing cycle ends so that you won’t be consuming more than you are paying for.

Do All T-Mobile Plans Have Unlimited Data?

In terms of data, not all plans come with unlimited data, and only the Unlimited T-Mobile plans will have unlimited data, such as Simply Prepaid Unlimited, Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Max.

How Many GB Is T-Mobile Unlimited Data?

The T-mobile unlimited data is true unlimited with no data caps on the regular plan. If someone does not use data they can get an unlimited plan with no data caps.

How Much Is An Unlimited Data Plan With T-Mobile?

T-Mobile has various Unlimited plans for its cell phone service, starting at $50, per month for one line, and up to $85, per month for one line.

While the more lines you have the lower the price may be, it makes the most sense to have as many lines as you can on T-Mobile because the savings from having those lines will be higher.

What Are T-Mobile Unlimited Data Speeds When Slowed?

T-Mobile will slow down all of your data when many people are using their phone at the same time and in certain areas.

In other words, you can play without a problem, but might experience some buffering every now and then during heavy gaming moments.

How Can You Avoid T-Mobile Unlimited Premium Data Limits?

We will have to see and be sure not to hit the limit. The most we can do is to not exceed the limits.

This is the full response we received:


Thanks for contacting the Google Play team!

So you can turn off your automatic updates and only enable them when you’re using WiFi. Also, you can choose to update apps over WiFi instead of data.

You can check your data usage by visiting your T-Mobile website using the My T-Mobile website. You can also check your usage on a daily and weekly basis.

Can You Pay T-Mobile More For Truly Unlimited Data?

There is no way to buy a true “unlimited” data plan without data prioritization.
It’s the same as buying a Ferrari without a transmission system.

Furthermore, this prioritization is done to maintain and optimize the performance of the T-Mobile network. It is to try to satisfy as many people as possible.

To know more about the services T-Mobile offers, you can check out our reviews of T-Mobile internet plans, T-Mobile prepaid carriers, and T-Mobile free plans.


If you are using unlimited data on T-Mobile, you can get unlimited calls to
country-specific phone numbers and unlimited texting in over 70 countries.

You will have a certain amount of data allotted to your plan which you can use or consume.
You will see that the amount of data you should be using and the amount of data you are actually using is different. When the amount of data allotted to you is full, you cannot use any more.
You can’t consume more data than data that is allotted to you.

You can get more data, but you may not have it all the time. You’ll only get a certain amount of your data for free, and beyond that you’ll have to pay for it.

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