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Does T-Mobile Run a Credit Check?

While T-Mobile runs a credit check if you sign up for one of the postpaid plans, which means your credit will be pulled to determine how much of a security deposit you will need to put down in 2022, T-Mobile offers a variety of prepaid plans that do not require a credit check for those with no credit or bad credit.

Are you ready to switch from your current carrier to T-Mobile? Well, read below to learn all of the facts you need to know about the T-Mobile credit check process before you switch!

What Kind of Credit Check Does T-Mobile Do?

The carrier will perform a hard credit check if you want to get one of their postpaid plans, which requires you to be under a two year contract.

Further, every time a hard credit check is run, it lowers your credit score by one or two points. And a hard credit check is usually a one-time event, not an ongoing process.
A hard credit check and a soft credit check look exactly the same on your credit report.

What Credit Bureau Does T-Mobile Use for a Credit Check?

T-Mobile uses TransUnion to run credit checks on customers, and it’s the preferred option. They could get credit reports from other companies in the future.

Why Does T-Mobile Run a Credit Check?

If you’re under contract, it’s a good idea to check if T-Mobile will let you out of your contract early.

The credit check is very important to T-Mobile because it can determine whether you’ll be a profitable customer and whether you’re serious about purchasing a phone.

What’s the Minimum Credit Score Needed at T-Mobile?

We don’t specify the credit score for T-Mobile’s contract plans.

However, even with a good score, it might be difficult for you to find a good prepaid carrier in your area.

How Hard Is It to Get Approved for T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is saying that about half of the people in America do not qualify to get a cell phone plan because they don’t have the credit needed to qualify.

I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but I can assure you that we’ve found this to be wrong as well.

*935 T-Mobile does not have an adequate procedure for reviewing credit histories of customers applying for cellular phone services and for making reasonable decisions concerning whether to insure or extend credit.

Does T-Mobile Offer Plans for People With Bad Credit?

T-Mobile has started a program to help their customers with a program called Smartphone Equality, that allows you to make payments on time to qualify for best rates offered.

In addition to paying your phone bill on time, smart phone equality can’t make it so you have to worry about your credit score in the same way.

Two consecutive payments of $10.99, which will be charged to your card on the day your first qualifying payment is received.
One or two payments of $29.95, which will be charged to your card on the day your first qualifying payment is received.

Does T-Mobile Run Credit Checks on Existing Customers?

T-Mobile stopped doing credit checks on new customers in 2015, so if you want to buy a new phone, you don’t need to worry that a soft credit check will be performed.

Do You Need an SSN for T-Mobile?

And if you plan on signing up for a postpaid plan, you will have to provide your Social Security number.

It’s because your credit score comes into play when deciding which kind of cell phone plan you can get.

The plan should be paid in full immediately, but if you plan on getting a prepaid plan it doesn’t really need to be paid immediately.

Does T-Mobile Do a Credit Check for Upgrade?

It’s not uncommon for T-Mobile phones to have bad or no credit as a result of the device being stolen and the owner never being able to pay off the device. Once the device is paid off, the owner will have a positive credit score.

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T-Mobile does run a hard credit check when you first join, but they don’t look at their customers’ credit cards. They will look at that if you are upgrading from another carrier, but they don’t look at your credit cards for existing customers.

T-Mobile bases their security deposits in part on your credit score, with anything lower than 550 or 600 likely being the cutoff.

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