How Do T-mobile Upgrades Work? (all You Need To Know)

T-Mobile has a new program called ‘T-Mobile Jump’, where you get to move up in your line without needing to pay for it.

After reading so much about this subject of self-awareness it was the perfect time to try an experiment. I would like to share my findings!

How Do T-Mobile Upgrades Work In 2022?

You can upgrade your mobile phone anytime, but you won’t get a free upgrade. It’s more expensive if you want a new phone. If you want a cheaper phone, you can buy a new phone on a two-year contract or you can upgrade your phone with T-Mobile in 2022 when you sign up for a two-year contract.

If you’d like more information about how I upgrade my phone, keep on reading. I’ve got a lot more to share with you!

How Does an Upgrade Work With T-Mobile?

 To see upgrade options, go to your T-Mobile account, select the “Upgrade” option, and this will reveal more specifics on the offers that are currently available.

If you upgraded a phone last year, T-Mobile may offer you a discount on a new phone. The conditions apply to the phone, not to you.

As for this offer, customers need to be on a certain phone plan and people on the Even More Plus or Value Plan cannot participate.

If you have early upgrade pricing, you have to be somewhere between 12 months and 17 months in, and then you can upgrade for the difference between the two prices.

In addition to getting a new phone, you can also upgrade your phone once every two years. You can only get $0 down and the payments have to be spread out over two years.


Does T-Mobile Charge an Upgrade Fee?

T-Mobile requires that you pay an $18 fee and you also agree to a new two-year contract.

What Is T-Mobile Jump?

You’ll need to turn on T-Mobile Jump (or you may have it turned on already, but check your account) to buy or upgrade phones.

Check to see if you can use T-Mobile Jump to buy a new phone or upgrade to the latest T-Mobile device model.

If you are at the stage of deciding on an upgrade, you can keep your existing phone and use T-Mobile Jump to save half the cost of the new device.

If you are not going to enroll in the Jump program, there are other ways you can save on your bill but not by $90 off the price of your phone.

Also, if you have Premium Handset Protection through T-Mobile, Jump is one of the included benefits of the insurance – if you want additional coverage, you can add the Handset Protection plan at the T-Mobile Store as well.

You’d pay $80 for a one-year plan, and $100 for a two-year plan, but in order to make Jump work, you’d need to be willing to pay more each month, as you’d be paying for the insurance as well.

What Is Forever Upgrade With T-Mobile?

T-Mobile ended its two-year contract option this year, but when it offered the Forever upgrade it allowed you to get $800 in trade-in value for your old iPhone so you could upgrade every two years!

Additionally, if you were a Magenta Max customer, you could upgrade every two years, and you could keep your plan, for no additional cost.

Forever Upgrade (with a trade in) on a $999 iPhone 6S and two years of service gives you a discounted phone for $399.

To make it easier to upgrade, the company also began testing programs to offer free upgrades to customers who have been with the company for a year or longer.

You can see that the trade-in values are much more generous if you have a contract with Verizon, and the promotion ends in five days.

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T-Mobile offers you an upgrade every 2 years, but you will be charged for the upgrade. If you want to cancel your contract before the 2 years are up, you have to pay the full price for the phone. But if you want to cancel your contract after the two years, you won’t be charged for the phone.

You can also find your upgrades on the T-Mobile website. You just choose “Upgrade Phone” to see all of your available upgrade offers.

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