Does T-mobile Unlock Phones? (all You Need To Know)

If you have a T-Mobile phone, you may be wondering: does T-Mobile unlock phones? If so, do you want to know the details of the T-Mobile device unlock policy? If you are looking for the full T-Mobile unlock policy, then you can read the answers to these questions.

I have been looking through things to find out about the T-Mobile device unlock policy, I think there is a lot of information I don’t understand!

Does T-Mobile Unlock Phones?

T-Mobile unlocks phones for subscribers if they have met the criteria (like paying their bill on time or having a good history with them). Moreover, T-Mobile will notify a subscriber if an automatic unlock isn’t available for a device, so they can check if the requirements are met. However, devices can be unlocked manually as well, as there will be a checkbox for that on the device unlock page.

If you are looking for additional information about how to get T-Mobile to unlock your phone, continue reading below as I get into more specific details about the process!

What Is the T-Mobile Device Unlock Policy?

Unlocked device must be under the same plan as your mobile number;
Unlocked device must be eligible to receive text messages;
The device must be compatible with T-Mobile’s services

T-Mobile will also make sure the device meets the requirements to be unlocked before granting permission.

You must have been a T-Mobile customer for at least 6 full months;
Your account must be in good standing (no past due bills, or other charges);
Your account must have a positive balance;

If you meet these eligibility criteria, then T-Mobile will unlock your device as long as it is under contract.

Note: Not all devices are eligible. You may need to try using another carrier and see if your device is eligible.

You must purchase a device within the first 30 days of service.
If the customer is a T-Mobile prepaid customer, they must purchase a device within the first 90 days of service.

Does T-Mobile Automatically Unlock Phones?

With all new devices going into Google and Samsung’s bootloader, you might have to unlock your phone manually, but a majority will be done automatically.

And if some devices aren’t able to be unlocked, you’ll get a notification telling you which devices are able to be unlocked and which are not.

How Long Does It Take T-Mobile to Unlock a Phone?

T-Mobile will unlock a mobile phone within 2 business days of the phone being eligible to be unlocked for free, or you’ll be notified within 2 business days if it needs a manual unlock.

How Much Does T-Mobile Charge to Unlock?

T-Mobile isn’t going to charge you to unlock your phone, or give you a free unlock in exchange for a contract.

Will T-Mobile Unlock My Phone If I Still Owe Money?

T-Mobile does not unlock phones that are not paid off in full.
T-Mobile does not unlock a phone that has been sold and the customer has used the device.

To make things easier for our customers who would like to upgrade their device to a new line, we can verify and unlock your device for you; however, you will need to make sure your papers are signed up when you call.

Why Isn’t My T-Mobile Device Eligible for Unlock?

There are different reasons why it’s not eligible to be unlocked. You can purchase the phone from a different retailer or you haven’t paid off your device.

If even one requirement of the process of unlocking an iPhone isn’t met, it won’t be eligible to unlock until those issues have been resolved.

If the device belongs to a cancelled account no credit will be given. You will need to pay the balance and then re-activate your device.

This is a long-term, complicated process. If you’re having issues, you’re best off to call T-mobile and get this sorted out as soon as possible.

If you’re in the United States you can also find out if T-Mobile works in your area and if so when by going to t-mobile coverage page.


There are two types of “unlocks”: the one mentioned involves the phone being unlocked by the network. The second deals with the unlocking by the phone company. When one of the two is in place, your phone will work with T-Mobile service.

If you’re interested in activating your device sooner, you can pay $10 to have your phone unlocked. You’ll still need to wait 365 days, but it’s not as lengthy of a wait as it is for the full activation. You’ll need to do some paperwork before you can get this process started.

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