Verizon Cdma-less (what Is It + Other Common Faqs)

CDMA is a widely used digital cellular telephone technology using analog cellular frequencies. It was initially designed to allow for the mobility of cellular telephone subscribers, where voice and data communication is transmitted using spread spectrum technology.

CDMA-less is a less-common term used for a cellular network that uses a digital technology other than CDMA.

I want to say that Verizon 4G is CDMA. I have looked for things about Verizon CDMA-less for the past few days and have found quite a lot of things. I just wanted to present the best facts and information about the Verizon CDMA-less plan to you.

Verizon CDMA-less In 2022

Do you want to know all about Verizon CDMA-less, such as what devices can be used if you’re on Verizon CDMA-less, and what are the differences between it and CDMA? If so, continue reading because I’m going to tell you all about it below!

How Do I Enable Verizon CDMA-less?

You can correct your SIM card so that your Edge can work on Verizon without having a CDMA phone connected to it. You can find instructions here.

However, if you’ve noticed this doesn’t solve your problem, then you might need to either visit a Verizon location or call Verizon Customer Service at(800) 922-0204.

If a carrier gives you special SIMs to use with this device, make sure they have the correct SIMs to unlock your phone. You’re going to need to ask your carrier how to do this. It might require some special codes or instructions.

What Does CDMA-less Provisioning Mean?

We no longer need to worry about 3G cards and what phone we have in us. CDMA-less means we have to depend on wifi and not 3G.

Since there are no CDMA channels on the 5G network, you’ll be roaming on the 4G LTE network, which will make sure your phone works. However, since it’s roaming and not connected to the network, it could be roaming on a 5G tower, which means it would be impossible to connect to the network.


If I don’t know which type of mobile connection you’re using then you could look it up in the data sheet of your mobile phone and the same can be applied to Wi-Fi routers.

Verizon also uses 4G LTE as its standard wireless communications while using CDMA as a backup.

Is Verizon Shutting Down CDMA?

This is a good time to go over Verizon’s plans for the long term.
The 3G network will no longer be a viable option.
This is why Verizon is removing 3G from their pricing options.
3G will no longer be available when you next sign up.
The plan you are on will continue to be available, but you won’t be able to add any more data as the 3G network will no longer be available.

In addition, Verizon is planning to move to the 4G LTE network and will no longer accept old 3G phones, tablets, or other devices.

This date, September 1st, is when T-Mobile says they’ll stop serving customers on HD Voice. Once this happens, any phone that does not use VoLTE or does not support HD Voice won’t work. This dates back to when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released, but they did not support HD Voice.

What Are Some CDMA-less Devices?

Some phones have the option to make it CDMA-less, meaning it works just fine on the GSM band without having to change it.

How Do I Activate CDMA-less for OnePlus Devices?

If you have an older OnePlus phone that has CDMA capabilities, you can activate it on Verizon with the SIM you have now, unless you have the new Verizon CDMA SIM.

Go to Settings
Go to Mobile Networks
Go to Add network and follow the steps to add your SIM card.

You can now use your SIM in your OnePlus phone.

Will An Unlocked CDMA-less Phone Work on Verizon?

Although, some of them will not work on the Verizon network and should be unlocked and CDMA-less before purchasing.

Now, that you know that you have to unlock your phone for Verizon to work on it, let’s talk about how to get your Verizon iPhone into a state where it can be unlocked.

If your device is not a Verizon device, you can request a SIM with the IMEI number of your device and get a sim card from the store, or alternatively, if you have a router, you can set it up with SIM-on-a-chip technology and have your Verizon connection routed to your router.

You will not be allowed to use any Verizon SIMs in the Bahamas.
The SIMs that will be pre-installed from the factory will be CDMA (GSM excluded).


If you’ve never had CDMA capability on your account, you will have to contact customer support to enable CDMA capability on your account.

Further, Verizon requires CDMA-less provisioning so that your phone only falls back to the 3G network, when you are inside of the 4G LTE or 5G coverage area.

If you are not on Verizon’s network, you are going to have to call and speak to a customer service rep to get your account updated and provisioned.

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