Does Autozone Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

It’s better to know the employer’s drug policy instead of putting yourself in the uncomfortable situation of taking a drug test without having a chance to prepare.

AutoZone conducts drug tests on employees and applicants, according to how the company decides to administer them. If you’re applying for a job at AutoZone, will you be drug tested? AutoZone’s policy on drug tests is that they’re conducted as a “voluntary” part of the application process, and not as a mandatory part of the hiring process.

Does AutoZone Drug Test In 2022?

AutoZoners will not be tested for drugs in most states in 2022. However, if you’re working in an AutoZone branch, they will drug test you if they suspect you of smoking or substance abuse. They will also conduct random drug tests if they suspect you of driving under the influence.

For more information about the drug policy of AutoZone, who is tested, what the company looks for, and what is considered illegal, keep on reading for the facts!

Does AutoZone Test New Employees?

Most of the current and former AutoZone employees believe that they didn’t have to go through a drug screening or drug testing process because it would cost the company money.

And this is a problem in a lot of states. If you are a delivery driver and are tested, they are going to test it. They are going to be extremely suspicious if you have any amount of drugs in your system.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the auto industry as well as the history of AutoZone. It is also possible to apply to jobs at the locations they have in Texas. Although most of the company’s jobs are in their headquarters, they do have other locations. And in case, they need to drug test you, it’s advised to keep a clean record.

Does AutoZone Perform Mouth Swab or Urine Drug Tests?

A drug test for employees at AutoZone is done by both urinalysis and mouth swab.

AutoZone is required to perform mouth swab tests to ensure safety in the workplace. The Department of Transportation has rules that govern commercial drivers.

When your supervisor suspects you of drug use, he will require a positive urine drug test to confirm whether you are clean.

How Far Back Will the Drug Tests Go?

To have a very accurate result, the urine test is the most reliable. They can detect traces of DNA for weeks and months.

Additionally, if the user is on the clock/calendar setting, the app can detect if they are on the clock and send a notification.

A urine test is usually needed when an individual’s blood sample doesn’t match the drug’s specific amount. This is the case when an individual smokes marijuana for a longer period than what is detected in the blood sample.

Another form of drug test is a urine test. If a person was using a drug two weeks ago, then a drug test on this person will detect the drug.

UTO Zone uses urine tests to see if an employee is working while high or after an accident.

Does AutoZone Drug Test Randomly?

AutoZone conducts random drug tests on its employees if they believe that the employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The company does this in order to ensure that employees are sober when working on the store floor.

For these reasons, we are asking for your understanding and cooperation at this time.

What Do AutoZone Drug Tests Look For?

AutoZone drug testing is usually for specific drugs, so you’ll need to know which drugs they look for.

Many of the drugs that are often being tested for are opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and benzodiazepines. These are the ones that you’re most likely to fail a drug test if you do test positive.

 “As a retailer we are required to follow federal laws and have separate departments to accommodate those customers that are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card, or those customers that just want to purchase products or services,” said a spokeswoman from the company.

How Long Does It Take to Get AutoZone Drug Test Results?

Urine test can be done immediately and the results are given in as soon as 1-2 days.

AutoZone has a lot of DOT tests in place to ensure their employees are providing safe driving skills.

If you need additional testing, the results might take an extra one or two days. The waiting time is only dependent on the laboratory workload, not on the actual test result.

While negative tests only require an initial test, positive tests are typically repeated to confirm the results of the test.

Does AutoZone Test After a Work Accident?

According to AutoZone’s HR policy, employees that are injured on the job have to be tested for drugs. And if that drug test results positively for a drug they’re on, the employer can terminate the employee. Even if the employee is involved in an accident on company property and was not on the clock, he will still be drug tested.

_______________’s case is different, _______________ will not be fired for his DUI offense at the time of the accident. However, if AutoZone finds out, _______________’s will be denied benefits for the claim, as the DUI offenses would be considered a material misrepresentation.

Can AutoZone Drug Test Based on Suspicion?

If your supervisor at AutoZone suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, they can drug test you to make sure you aren’t impaired while working.

If drug use is suspected, AutoZone will ask for your mouth swab or more accurate urine test. This test can even reveal drug use for extended periods. If these drug tests indicate that you’re using drugs, you’ll lose your job.

What Happens If You Fail the AutoZone Drug Test?

Once you fail the test, you’re less likely to continue working at the company. If you are up for a promotion and fail the test, the company will not confirm the position.

Before you can apply for another job, you can’t apply for two jobs at the same time. If you do, and don’t have a job offer, you won’t be hired.

While there is no company policy on when you can reapply for a job at AutoZone, you can try your luck if you want to after six months.

This is true, but, we have a drug testing policy that you must adhere to, and that policy states that you must pass a drug test in order to re-apply to a different position.

AutoZone fires employees who fail to pass a drug and alcohol test and/or do not keep it confidential.

So if you’ve applied for a job at a large company or a federal agency, it’s a good idea to avoid illegal activity, or use drugs, as it might get you fired.

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AutoZone has a drug testing policy, but it doesn’t conduct random tests, instead it tests employees if there is a suspicion they are under the influence.

Employees in departments such as transportation are subjected to drug tests according to the state laws because their job is safety sensitive.

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