Is Consumer Cellular As Good As Verizon? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Consumer Cellular is just as good if not better than Verizon.

You can do voice over 4G LTE with them.
You can do video over 4G LTE with them.
And they have free hotspots for up to 10 devices for their customers.

I found this tutorial that will explain what the purpose of the two parts of your question is.

Is Consumer Cellular As Good As Verizon In 2022?

Consumer Cellular can’t offer as many customer perks such as voice over internet protocol service, cloud storage, hotspot, and on demand TV to its customers. However, it is very affordable and great when you have no other choice when it comes to a prepaid provider.

Do you have more questions regarding the Consumer Cellular customer service experience, such as if the phone coverage is as good as Verizon? You’re in luck, because I decided to answer all of that too.

Does Consumer Cellular Use The Same Towers As Verizon?

In other words, Consumer Cellular is a mobile phone service that works on the cellular network of one of the big three carriers, but unlike Verizon and AT&T, has no contract with the carrier.
And this is the one that caught my attention.

However, AT&T’s coverage only extends to areas with a population of 200,000 people and T-Mobile does not cover nearly as many areas as the other two carriers.

What Cell Towers Does Consumer Cellular Use?

As long as the device supports both CDMA and GSM bands, you won’t need to worry about compatibility. There are some devices that are compatible with all three networks; others are compatible with just two networks.

Does Consumer Cellular Have Good Nationwide Coverage?

Consumer Cellular only covers nationwide coverage since the two companies are the most reliable.

You can also have a look at the coverage map of the mobile network for more details.

Is Consumer Cellular Part Of T-Mobile?

Consumer Cellular was acquired by T-Mobile, but it’s really a separate company with AT&T towers that run off T-Mobile towers. They are very similar in that they both offer a wireless plan with unlimited data, but they are very different in structure.

In addition, when you sign up for Consumer Cellular you will input your zip code. The zip code will determine whether you will have T-Mobile, or AT&T’s service, since we are only using the zip code when determining the network that you select.

Does Consumer Cellular Have As Many Plans as Verizon?

Consumer Cellular does not have as many plan options, and as a result they might not be the best option for those who are looking for a more robust plan with more options.

But, if you’re still going to give AT&T the benefit of the doubt, get ready. According to recent studies, the company will be announcing the death of unlimited data plans sooner rather than later.

Does Consumer Cellular Require A Contract?

Consumer Cellular does not require a contract, making it great compared to Verizon, as well as you don’t have to worry about early termination fees.

Does Consumer Cellular Offer Discounts?

Consumer Cellular does not provide any discounts or promotions, so in that sense, Verizon is better than Consumer Cellular.

Verizon also offers discounts on phones to military customers, but Consumer Cellular has one or two sales on phones for senior citizens every month, and most of the deals last for more than a month.
If your phone gets stolen or lost, Consumer Cellular will cover half the cost of a new device.

Does Consumer Cellular Have Internet?

Consumer Cellular does has Internet though its zte mobile hotspot device which is comparable to the mobile hotspot devices you can purchase through Verizon.

What Phones Work With Consumer Cellular?

It is very unlikely that a Verizon phone can work in a Cell phone tower that is designed to work on a GSM network, so it is unlikely to work with Consumer Cellular. This issue would not happen with AT&T or T-Mobile since they use GSM technology and use GSM phones with Cell phone towers that are designed to use GSM technology.

If its not connected to the original carrier, then you need to unlock it if you want to bring it for Consumer Cellular. If its connected to the original carrier, you can bring it to Consumer Cellular without unlocking it.

Consumer Cellular SIM cards are free, and you can easily sign up to get your free SIM card today.

Does Consumer Cellular Offer As Many Phones As Verizon?

Even though Consumer Cellular is an MVNO, they still offer the same iPhone models as Verizon, Verizon or whatever phone you like.

You can continue with the next question. I’ll even expand on this one. The idea behind these questions is that a company does not have to give any explanation for why a decision was made, only the outcome of that decision.

This is another reason why I love my new iPhone and why it’ll likely stick around for a long time. I can have a great phone with plenty of options at a reasonable price.

You’ll save a little bit of money if you bought it from Consumer Cellular. The phone costs a little bit more because of the warranty and stuff.

When you have purchased a phone and contract from Verizon Wireless, they will also place the SIM card on your phone, making it ready for activation with a Verizon service.


Consumer Cellular is just as good as Verizon in that it works on the AT&T and T-mobile networks as well.

Even though the cost of some phones are more than Verizon’s, you will find the same number of devices offered by the company.

With the way that the country is going, the company is definitely offering its customers discounts for staying a customer for the length of time, regardless of their quality.

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