How To Unlock A Verizon Phone Without The Code? (all You Need To Know)

Are you trying to figure out how to unlock a phone without a code? Well, don’t worry because it can be done without a code!

Let’s get started by learning how to unlock your Verizon phone by yourself to complete the process without any codes or unlocking servers.

How To Unlock A Verizon Phone Without The Code In 2022?

If you are using a device on Verizon 3G network and you want your device unlocked, then you first need to dial *611 and follow the instructions given on your device screen. After that, you will get various options on the screen along with a code that needs to be entered. The first code, “000000” is the default code that is used when unlocking your device and the second code, “123456” is available when you dial “*611” manually.

Want to know how to unlock a Verizon phone without the code, such as which devices require an unlock code? Go on to read on below to find out more!

What Verizon Phones Require Unlock Code?

If you’re on a Verizon phone that isn’t an iPhone and your 3G World Device is not an iPhone, a Verizon phone, then you shouldn’t have an issue. You shouldn’t be locked in a world with a Verizon phone.

However, 3G World devices will eventually be removed from the Verizon network at the end of 2022. After that time, all Verizon customers using 3G devices will need to upgrade to 4G devices in order to continue using the Verizon network.

As well, Verizon did not require an unlock code for the Galaxy S3 and the S4 since it’s an automatic process that is completed after the first 60 days of activation.

The best way to think about unlocked phones is that you can turn them on and they function the same as any other phone. But you aren’t paying for a data plan for voice minutes and text messages, and you’re not tied to a carrier.

To see if you have an unlocked phone, you can check here.
To see if you are eligible for a free upgrade to a new phone, you can go here.

Your account should be updated automatically.

How Do You Manually Unlock A Verizon Phone?

If you have a Verizon phone and want to manually unlock it, you must be have a postpaid plan with Verizon or you must have a 3G World Device.

Turn off the tablet.
Insert the SIM
Click on the SIM and select the option: Activate SIM
Tap on the OK button.
Wait for the device
To turn off the tablet.

Now, if you are an existing Verizon customer, then you can simply activate your phone and make a call. You will be prompted for your account username and password. The phone will then unlock itself.

There are a few exceptions when you’re on active duty and you have to unlock your phone before you head off to a foreign country.

How Do I Confirm My Verizon Phone is Unlocked?

*611 is the code for “unlock your device” and it’s only done by Verizon, not by you. If you try *611 when you are in a Verizon store, they will do the unlock for you. If you try *611 when you are using your phone with a different carrier, you will be told it’s locked.

And I also highly suggest that you call Verizon Customer Service and speak with a support representative for any issues you may have.

These are the only steps we can take for you, but we wish to thank you for contacting us today.

Another way of finding your phone number would be to go into your phone settings and look for the option “Mobile Networks” — it’s easy to find.

When you look at your phone you should see a list of networks. There would be more than one because your phone is unlocked.

There is a “Data Usage” that you can select if it is present if only one option showing that’s the case. So you go into “Settings” and then “General” and then “Cellular” and click on the “Data Usage” entry and then select which option is currently present.

To verify if your phone is unlocked for use with other carriers, you must contact the Verizon Customer Service.

How To Unlock a Verizon Phone Without the Passcode?

If you put a passcode on your phone, and you don’t remember your passcode, the process of getting it unlocked is a lot more complicated.

You would have to contact the manufacturer to get the unlock code, if you have an iPhone, or an Android phone, for example.

Security questions won’t help you if you lose or forget your phone. You’ll have to call their customer service and ask for help in unlocking it.

* Delete the existing backup files of the device:
Use the Windows Backup application to delete the existing backup files of the device.

To know more, you can also read our posts on unlocked smartphones and unlocked phone brands.


A Verizon Device that’s locked to one network can only activate on that network. When you use a 3G World Device to unlock a locked Verizon device, you cannot use that device on the Verizon network.
If your phone is no longer eligible for the unlock upgrade, you can call your local Verizon store to unlock your device manually.

If you cannot unlock your phone, you should contact Verizon Customer Service.

The only way to unlock the phone is to use one of the two codes we have listed above.

Once you have gotten the four steps down and are about to place your order, make sure you don’t miss the “Verizon must activate my phone” checkbox when checking out. (the order will only be processed if this box is checked, or otherwise there will be a $5 charge for you to be able to complete the order.

If you forget your passcode, it’s possible to reset it back to the factory default, or unlock it through your device manufacturer’s website.

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