Are T-mobile Iphones Unlocked? (all You Need To Know)

Yes, I had an iPhone and they were unlocked. I wanted to switch to Verizon since T-Mobile service is only available in a few states and I wanted to be able to roam on other networks.

I can’t wait to read what you found, but for now, if I may give some advice, you’re probably better of doing your research yourself. It’s a complicated topic, and most topics on the internet are!

Are T-Mobile iPhones Unlocked In 2022?

T-Mobile is not going to allow us to purchase an unlocked iPhone and use it with another carrier, but we’ll be able to buy it unlocked after we meet the eligibility requirements.

We are not going to be able to send messages to numbers outside the United States when using an iPhone, because international roaming isn’t supported.

If you want to know more about the T-Mobile iPhone unlock process or have additional questions, please continue reading below to learn even more facts.

How Do I Unlock My T-Mobile iPhone?

If you have to unlock your phone yourself then it’s most likely you have to wait for a few months because the last time you unlocked your phone it was only available to customers in the US. You’ll have to wait until we have more international customers unlocking their phones and if you unlock your phone yourself you might have to wait a few months for the process to start.

You must be a current T-Mobile customer.
Your device must be running iOS 7 or later.
You must have a T-Mobile account with a valid SIM card.
Your device must have been on the T-Mobile network for a minimum of 3 months.

You’ll need to enter your IMEI manually. You can find your IMEI on the device or in the Settings app (iPhone) or Device Management app (Android).

If you can’t get into your phone, please follow the steps outlined in the notification.

What Is the T-Mobile iPhone Unlock Policy for Prepaid Plans?

You must have been a T-Mobile customer for at least six (6) months.

Your account must be active for at least six (6) months.
You must have no past due bills.
You must not be in violation of any law.

Your account must be charged up (at least $5).

If a T-Mobile customer account is inactive, we cannot provide a device unlock on the account.

Are There Exceptions to the T-Mobile iPhone Unlock Policy?

 T-Mobile does not allow the device to be unlocked on contract, but it does allow for a two-year-old device to be unlocked as long as it is under contract.

If you’re buying an iPhone from an AT&T store, T-Mobile won’t be able to unlock it for you until you’ve completed the unlock paperwork.

How Can I Check to See If a T-Mobile iPhone Can Be Unlocked?

You can just log in to your T-Mobile Account and you can see if your iPhone can be unlocked or not, so it’s easy and quick to check anytime you want!

How Long Does It Take for a T-Mobile iPhone to Be Unlocked?

This process usually takes about two business days, but it will take a little longer to unlock your phone as it will depend on your current carrier.

For those that lost their iPhone remotely through an iTunes link, the best method to restore it is to send it back to Apple for repair.

Can ATT Unlock a T-Mobile iPhone?

AT&T cannot unlock any iPhone they have, and they have told anyone who wanted to buy an iPhone from T-Mobile, that T-Mobile is the only company that can unlock iPhones.

In order for a phone to be unlocked, the carrier has to unlock them for you. This usually includes the phone number and phone service. Then you can trade your phone in at a different carrier and keep the same phone number.

Are Best Buy T-Mobile iPhones Unlocked?

When the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be available, they will be unlocked and ready to buy.

Furthermore, the T-Mobile unlock policy only applies to phones that were purchased through T-Mobile’s own stores and does not apply to retail stores.

If you are still in question about why your T-Mobile data is being throttled, read our post on why T-Mobile throttles data.


T-Mobile iPhones aren’t unlocked until you’ve met the eligibility requirements for a device unlock, which includes the device being paid off but you need to have an active account.

In other words, if you purchased the phone from Apple, the device will be unlocked and will work with any SIM card that is purchased from AT&T or other carriers. On the other hand, if you purchased the phone from other retailers, the device is locked by the carrier.

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