Does T-mobile Lock Their Phones? (all You Need To Know)

If your thinking about switching from another carrier then you should have no issues with T-Mobile locking your phone.

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Does T-Mobile Lock Their Phones?

T-Mobile only requires that you pay off your phone in full and keep your account current. They also lock devices with a reasonable grace period in case the phone gets stolen. You will be able to contact T-Mobile to request a device unlock and they will tell you when you’ll be able to get your phone unlocked.

If you are being charged a termination fee to unlock your phone, T-Mobile will automatically activate the “Termination Fee Unlock Code” within 2 business days.
You have 60 days to initiate a case with the FCC to have your device unlocked.
You will receive an unlock code via SMS or email.

If you do not send in an official request for your device to be unlocked, this request will be deemed invalid and T-Mobile will not be able to unlock your phone.

Are T-Mobile Phones Locked Or Unlocked?

T-Mobile locks devices to prevent you from transferring your phone to another carrier, and also to prevent the unauthorized use of your devices.

However, if the phone has been activated on a different network than T-Mobile, you’ll still need to follow the unlock procedure on the T-Mobile network.

This means that for devices that cannot be remotely unlocked, the unlock screen will also show that your device is locked, in addition to showing which country you’re eligible to buy in.

How Long Does T-Mobile Lock Your Phone?

T-Mobile will lock your phone for 40 days if you’re on a postpaid plan, and you meet the other eligibility requirements, which includes paying an ETF, your phone will be unlocked two business days.

If you have a prepaid plan then you don’t have to wait in line for the 3 months that it takes for it to be unlocked in Europe. Or spend money on refills if you want to use it in Europe.

Can I Unlock My T-Mobile Phone Myself?

T-Mobile’s phones that can’t be remotely unlocked will not be able to be unlocked at the store by purchasing the unlock code.

Consequently, if you are eligible for unlocking your device, you will receive a notification within two business days that the steps to take to unlock your device will be presented to you.

Why Can’t I Unlock My T-Mobile Phone?

T-Mobile won’t allow your device to be unlocked while you’re in early active user status. When you become eligible for early active user status, your T-Mobile device will be unlocked.

You have received six (6) free voice or data usage days in a twelve (12) month period, and
You have used and unlocked your device on T-Mobile network for 12 or more consecutive days during the 12 month period.

* There can be no previous purchases on your account which would prevent you from purchasing a device on a Prepaid plan.

How Much Is a T-Mobile Device Unlock?

T-Mobile does not charge to unlock your device after you meet all of the eligibility requirements. It’s free for customers.

Are Best Buy T-Mobile iPhones Unlocked?

If you purchased your iPhone through one of our Best Buy locations, it will be unlocked on T-Mobile.

Does T-Mobile Unlock Phones Early?

You don’t have to be an active Army soldier, just be deployed in a military zone to be exempted from the early upgrade. You can also be a foreign diplomat, or a member of Congress.

If you’re being deployed and have an account in good standing, you can contact T-Mobile and get a device unlocked early (after giving them your deployment papers).

What Number Do I Call To Unlock My T-Mobile Phone?

Unlocking your device is easy and can be done over the phone with a representative. While it is recommended you call our support team to have this done for you, it can be done by just dialing our support team. We are available 24/7 to help you.

If your device is eligible for software unlocking, you can call this number to unlock it or find out what software you need to use to unlock the phone.

T-Mobile USA is the largest wireless carrier in the USA. Like all other U.S. carriers, T-Mobile uses GSM technology. T-Mobile has been known as the TracFone carrier. It was a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless until the company was acquired by AT&T Wireless.

While traveling, you can choose your T-Mobile GSM phone number in the United States.


 T-Mobile does lock their phones and the phone will be locked for 40 days and you must meet other eligibility criteria such as the device being paid off in full. The  phone will be unlocked upon the device meeting the criteria.   The device must be paid off in full with credit to T-Mobile in order to have your phone unlocked.

Additionally, T-Mobile is locking phones, and will remotely unlock most devices, within two business days after the device is eligible for an unlock.

However, T-Mobile will lock a phone for 365 days unless you’ve spent $100 on top-ups and the phone has been active on the network for 14 days.

If you want to unlock your phone, you have to follow a process that’s similar to recharging a phone.

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