Verizon Number Lock (what Is It + Other Common Faqs)

Verizon has a ton of additional features that will enhance your experience, and some of the features will help with account security.

However, you might not know about the feature called Verizon Number Lock, and I’m going to tell you all about it, so read on to learn all about it!

What Is Verizon Number Lock In 2022?

The latest Number Lock feature for iPhone and Android devices prevents unauthorized apps from changing your phone number, or transferring your number to a different carrier. You also have the ability to remotely lock your phone via the Find My iPhone app to keep it safe for when you’re not around.

If you want to find out more about the Verizon Number Lock, then you can find out right here! Plus, there are so many different articles to read on this subject, so you’ll be sure to have a great time reading everything.

Is Number Lock Free for Verizon?

Free for Verizon phones and there is no charge to use the Number Lock feature on your phone.

How Do I Set up a Verizon Number Lock?

Now when you receive a call you can set your phone up so that it picks up on the number that called you.

1. Log into your Verizon account.
2. Visit the ‘Manage My Phone’ section.
3. Click the ‘Add Device’ link, select ‘Phone Number Lock’ (instead of ‘Phone Number’), and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Go to My Verizon.
Select Sign In.
Tap the three dot icon.
Choose the Phone number you would like to make your mobile number.
Tap Next.
Tap the Verizon number to make it your mobile, or select the Verizon number you would like to link to another phone number.

It’s important to keep in mind that once you’ve enabled Number Lock on a phone number, you can’t port out that number, unless you disable Number Lock beforehand. To disable the Number Lock function, go to Settings > [Language & [Country Settings], and under the Number Lock section, toggle the number lock off.

How Do I Turn off Verizon Number Lock?

Either create a new account and lock the account, or log in with your existing user account and change the preferences to lock the number as displayed in your phone, and follow the instructions to lock the phone number.

* In the App & Device menu, tap Settings and then tap Personal info.
* Tap Number Lock.

You’ll receive a message telling you that your number isn’t changing.

If you can’t access the website or you would like more information about this, please call 1-800-CALL-VERIZON.

Is Number Lock on Verizon Safe?

While there’s nothing you can do to prevent someone from port-out scamming, the lock does prevent the malicious person from porting out your SIM.

Even if you have turned off your phone number porting, someone who knows your phone number, date of birth or location can call customer service and request your phone number be ported to their phone number.

The scammer knows basic information such as your name, address, phone number, and the last 4-6 digits of the number you are trying to authenticate. They know your name, usually, and the last 4-6 digits of your number.

It is worth noting that this additional layer of security will stop the scammer from calling into the number you have ported. However, it will not stop the scammer from using the “burner” number they buy for the occasion.

The phone is then set up, and you would use the PIN to unlock it when needed.

In addition to the phone’s built-in security features, the device also has an additional layer of security – it requires an activation code to be called in.

When activated, your number stays locked until you manually disable it. It is similar to how the feature works on an iPhone.

Also it depends on the device. If there was a rooted exploit then they might be able to change the user id to a different device, but because they don’t have physical access to the phone the phone is locked to your device and thus they cannot change the device.

If you use the service, your phone will not just vibrate, but show a notification on the lock screen as well. The My Verizon app also lets you know that the account is being accessed illegally.

You might want to use the “Number Lock” feature to be protected from hackers, which will open the app automatically by pressing the number one. It is the safest option because there is no way for someone to access your phone and see your number.

to get your unlimited data back or get back your previous number, you have to send a form to your operator that supports international calling.


If you have chosen to enable a Verizon Number Lock feature, then your SIM card cannot be re-programmed to another carrier, without your authorization.

If you are using a Verizon phone, you are able to use the Number Lock feature which is also free to use. You can turn this feature on and off through the app. Or you can turn it on from your account page. You can also turn this feature off by calling customer service.

However, once your number will be locked in the portal, you will be unable to port it out of the portal.

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