Verizon Blacklist Policy (all You Need To Know)

 Blacklisting is the act of making it so that a cell phone cannot be used to make phone calls or texts, with Verizon, it happens when they suspect it is a stolen device or if you have had too many calls made from your device.

I have done some research on this site and elsewhere, and have learned lots of interesting information about the Verizon Blacklist Policy. Keep reading to learn about what I’ve found out.

What Is the Verizon Blacklist Policy In 2022?

A Verizon blacklist policy basically means that they can track all of your communications. This is done by using the IMEI number, and when the IMEI number gets detected, a flag is sent to Verizon. Verizon can also blacklist a phone for non-payment, and this basically means that you cannot do any of your communication with the Verizon network anymore.

The Verizon Blacklist Policy lets you know if you are blacklisted from receiving a phone. The blacklist can last for as long as 24-48 hours, and it can include a blacklist that includes only some blacklisted models.

What Does Blacklisted on Verizon Mean?

The blacklisted feature on Verizon lets other wireless carriers know that you lost or stole your Verizon phone, and that you won’t be able to re-activate it. The blacklisted feature on Verizon only affects phones that are not registered as lost or stolen with Verizon.

If your phone is blacklisted then you are cut off from accessing all of your texts, calls and messages.

So if you use a device for international roaming, your device might be blocked from your country because of using Verizon.

How Do I Know If My Verizon Phone is Blacklisted?

If you think your phone is blacklisted, call the Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204.

You’ll need to tell them the IMEI number of your phone. If it’s on the list, they’ll tell you why the IMEI is blocked. You should tell them that you want to find out how to resolve the issue to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Will Verizon Remove a Blacklist?

While Verizon claims to have the ability to remove a customer’s bad credit score from their credit report, you must contact them directly and are not able to do so on your own.

If you have purchased a phone under this program, you can still register your phone at the My Verizon site. To register your phone, go to the My Verizon site, sign in, select your plan, then select the “Device” section. On the next screen, enter the IMEI number below and click Search Phones.

Verizon has a whole bunch of rules when it comes to removing phones from their blacklist. You’ll need to call customer service and provide some kind of documentation to show that your phone is a legitimate device.

How Long Does Verizon Blacklist a Phone?

Verizon will blacklist your phone until the conditions to remove the phone from black list are met.

Additionally, the company needs to be able to legally hold a phone for several days to provide the owner with a means of contacting them.

Even if you meet the conditions to remove the phone from the blacklist, it doesn’t mean Verizon have to unblock the phone, and it’s up to the company whether or not to remove the blacklist.
[Verizon]: Verizon has no obligation to unblock any device, nor would we do so unless the owner requests it.

Is There a Verizon Blacklist Removal Fee?

Verizons does not charge you for the removal of your device from the blacklist, but if it was due to non-payment, you’ll need to pay off the account before the device is removed from the list.

If the device was stolen and then recovered by you (or if you just bought a device that was recovered) then you should be able to get it removed from the blacklist by Verizon.

How Can I Use My Blacklisted Phone Verizon?

For Android devices, you can download and install a replacement app. Some popular options are Google Assistant, WhatsApp, Signal, etc.
For IOS devices, you can use the inbuilt “Find My Device” feature to locate your phone.

Some may also be able to change your phone number, name and address. Your country of residence, social security number and ID number.

If you can’t find a legal way to unlock your phone, you might try some of the illegal means of unlocking, but beware of people who want to unlock your device illegally.

You could switch to another carrier but this is not recommended if you like the phone already.

For example, you can take your Verizon SIM card out and switch to T-Mobile and use a T-Mobile SIM card. It may allow you to get around the ban.

Additionally, you could sell your phone to Verizon, or let them know that the IMEI number is blocked, and they could use the phone for parts.

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The Verizon Blacklist Policy is an industry standard in which Verizon prevents you from using your Verizon phone in the United States.

You may also need to check your bank account for any overdue payments or fees for your Verizon account.

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