How To Opt Out Of Verizon Tracking? (All You Need To Know)

I heard about all of the Verizon tracking practices and concerned about the data being collected about me and what that data will be used for.

If it’s not already obvious, I was going to let this all play out completely. But then I thought, there are a few people out there who still want to hear the real story. So I’m going to post a couple of links, and then everyone can decide for themselves.

How To Opt Out Of Verizon Tracking In 2022?

Also if you’re signed into the site you can just click that “Reset” button, if you were to do this and not opt-out of their tracking you’d be back to being tracked whenever you switch phones, so you’re better off just opting out and being done with it.

To opt out of Verizon Custom Experience you can either go into My Verizon or go to Verizon’s website.

Do you want to know more about Verizon tracking and how to opt-out of it? Well, read this article up to learn about it, and much more!

How Do I Opt-Out of Verizon Custom Tracking?

If you’d like to opt-out of the Verizon Custom Tracking if you first need to sign in to your My Verizon account on the web, and then follow the next steps outlined below.

Do I Need to Opt-Out of Verizon Tracking On Each Line?

You will need to opt out the for every line that you have on your Verizon account, so there is no way to opt out for all your lines at once.

But it looks like Apple’s not done with Apple Watches yet either. They are actually trying to stop you from notifying your family of those changes.

How Do I Opt-Out of Verizon Custom Tracking Through Verizon App?

If you’d like to opt-out of the Verizon Custom Tracking that happens through the My Verizon app, then follow the steps below.

How Do I Change Verizon Privacy Preferences?

There are also a good number of privacy settings that you may want to change. The main one you want to change is “Verizon-Custom-Experience-Plus”.

If you want to make sure that the app is not tracking your personal information while you use it, just follow the steps below:

Once you’ve completed this, you should see a message in the app indicating that you’ve turned off ‘Tracking’ and ‘Sharing’ through the My Verizon app.

Can I Disable Verizon Location Agent Tracking?

There is a section in your phone settings called “Location Settings” and you can disable the “Verizon Location Agent” as the first point in the list.

If you’d like to disable the Verizon Location Service on your phone, you can follow the steps below.

How Do I Stop Sharing Location on Verizon?

Verizon will still track your device and use that data to create a profile of your location. They will also use information collected from other sources to help create a more accurate profile of your location.

You will need to switch your cellular data settings to off on your iPhone. Then you’ll need to switch your iPhone to airplane mode and connect it with a Verizon hotspot. Once connected, open the Settings app and go to General> Cellular> Data. Tap on the option labeled Off.

If you have an Android device, it may have the GPS feature enabled, or it may have it switched off.
You can find the same functionality on an iPhone by going to the settings panel, and then tap on Location Services. This will give you a list of features that are currently supported.
You can turn them off one by one by tapping the appropriate items.

But, if you disable the GPS function, then some services and features will be unavailable for you to use, so you probably don’t want to shut it off.

To find out more information about how to switch AT&T to Verizon or how to know more about Verizon policy, you can also read our article about Verizon return policy defective phone, how to switch from AT&T to Verizon, and Verizon privacy policy.


You can opt-out of Verizon tracking your device by opting out of both Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. You can do this from within the My Verizon app or website.

Once you reach the privacy settings you can go into all of the programs from there and remove any you want to be removed.

In order to prevent Verizon from tracking, you’ll need to disable the Verizon Location Agent and stop sharing your location via GPS.

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