Verizon Mobile Data Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

There are ways to solve this problem to make sure you can use your mobile data while you’re on the go.

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Verizon Mobile Data Not Working In 2022

If your Verizon mobile data connection is not working, there are several things that could be causing the issue. In this case, it’s likely that you are in a building or there is a blockage that is affecting your connection. If this is the case, you can restart your phone. You can also try to reconnect to mobile data.

There are different ways to solve the issue you are currently having with Verizon mobile data not working. Read on to get even more advice about this topic!
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1. Check Your Location & Objects Hindering Your Connection

There are times where your location could be the issue, including objects that could be blocking your mobile data signal.

Also, you can try to go outside to see if your phone is still functioning. You can also try to switch off your phone completely if it’s not working properly.

2. Check Coverage Area

If you are looking for a fix for Verizon mobile data not working, make sure you are near the coverage zone of their coverage map.

The problem is that some providers use a signal booster to boost the signals, but many of the boosters aren’t working or are working only intermittently.

If you cannot move there, a person will do a walk-through and try to find a solution for the problem.
If you cannot solve the problem yourself or with the help of a professional, a technician will do a system check to identify the problem.
If the problem cannot be fixed, a repairman will fix the issue in your system.

3. Restart Your Device

The first step is to restart your device, which often fixes mobile data issues on Verizon.

It is also important to remember to turn off push notifications or you could end up running out of space.

4. Turn Off WiFi

If WiFi is on, then it will interfere with your devices ability to work correctly, like if you have Verizon data-enabled mobile network.

So, you should ensure that the network connection is turned off and that it is not trying to automatically connect to any WiFi networks.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode On & Off

Toggling airplane mode on and off it’s a quick fix for if you forget your phone is off. It’s also easy to do by going into settings.

6. Turn Mobile Data Off & Back On

If you are still having issues check some of your software apps related to data connection.
As i tried to solve this issue, i am facing a problem regarding the data plan of my phone i did some mistake like i forgot to recharge my phone.

In Android Studio, disable the “Enable cellular data” option for your app’s build variant.
Ensure that the following “Build->[Select Build variant]” Android App is set to “Disabled”:

Use the toggle button to disable cellular data for the selected Android App.

7. Turn VPN Off

If you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your device, you will cause interference with your mobile data working, so try to turn off your VPN and see if that will correct the issue with mobile data not working.

8. Take Out & Reinsert Your SIM

Your SIM card is crucial for your phone to function correctly and connect to the Verizon network so if you’ve discovered Verizon mobile data not working, it could be your SIM card.

– if you have a SIM card, remove it.
– if you don’t have a SIM card, put it in your phone and start your phone normally
– if you see the red status icon, reboot your smartphone.

If that doesn’t work, put the SIM in again and turn your phone back on, wait about 2 minutes and see if mobile data works.

9. Reset Network Settings

A reset can usually fix Verizon mobile data not working issues. It’s easy to do a Verizon wireless network reset through the “Settings” section on your device.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand the above at first, but once you know what you are trying to do, it isn’t hard to figure out.

10. Know Whether You’re In 4G Or 5G Coverage

If your Verizon data is not working properly, you need to ensure you use the right frequency for your location and mobile device.

The device can also provide notifications from the local internet service provider, such as notifications about your cellular data plan.

To make sure you get the best experience from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, it’s important to connect to the 5G network as soon you possible after you unpair your phone.

11. Check Down Detector For Outages

It is possible that the issue might be with Verizon and not your or your device. So use a website like Down Detector to see if Verizon is experiencing outages that could impact mobile data.

There is nothing you can do if you are experiencing an outage, and you will have to wait for the service provider to fix the issue such as with equipment, coding, or a server, before mobile data will be back online.

Why Is Mobile Data Not Working?

Often, the issue could be a hardware, software or firmware error, and resetting your device will fix the problem.

You may also be able to manually connect to wifi as described in the “Android 4.4.2” section of Android Troubleshooter.

Note that even if you connect to wifi, it won’t help if data is not enabled.

If you have any trouble with your Verizon phone, you may try following this article to solve the problem: Verizon MMS not working and Verizon router not working.


If you’re having problems with your Verizon data not working, you can try to restart your phone, make sure you’re connected to the network, and turn off your WiFi or data.

You can try to toggle Airplane mode on and off, make sure you’re using the right frequency for your devices, such as 4G or 5G, and take out and reinsert your SIM card.
– [Narrator] Check the battery life on your device.

However, the issue might be due to an outage with Verizon. Therefore, check websites like Down Detector to see if the service is down. If so, wait for Verizon to resolve the issue.

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