Verizon Visual Voicemail Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

If you have Verizon Visual Voicemail enabled on your device, but you’ve noticed it’s not working, and you’d like to know how you could fix this problem, you’d better check this article out.

The first problem is that the Verizon VVM application on your iPhone that allows you to save your voicemails will not work if the Verizon VVM is not working as intended.

Verizon Visual Voicemail Not Working In 2022

Verizon says that it will stop providing WiFi service on December 15, 2022 and that customers shouldn’t expect to have internet access without a data plan. It also recommends that you clear any background apps that may be eating up resources.

I would like to help you if you want to know more about this issue and if you are ready to have fun with the other potential fixes mentioned below.

1. Turn WiFi Off

How to turn off your WiFi (if needed) from Visual Voicemail Settings;
How to turn your WiFi on (if needed) from Visual Voicemail Settings.

If you are still having problems, please contact us again.

2. Turn Data On & Off A Couple Of Times

The problem with getting rid of Visual Voicemail is that there are a lot of places that take your number and give you a phone that doesn’t sync.

3. Restart Your Device

It’s better to restart your device to solve most of your tech problems, and it’s one of the best ways to fix most of your devices.

Additionally, it can be a problem if the app has malfunctioned or isn’t loading properly, so restarting it can fix those types of issues.

4. Clear Apps In the Background

It is possible that you might like to clear out any apps running in the background to fix the issue of Verizon Visual Voicemail not working.

You could see your Android App’s RAM usage going way down from the normal 200MB to 100MB. This is especially bad if you have a lot of apps running in the background or that are using a lot of memory.

5. Turn Visual Voicemail Off & Back On

if you want to try to solve the voicemail problems try turning on the voicemail by pressing and holding the * button while powering on your phone. Also sometimes the voicemail doesn’t work because your phone is getting hot from you holding it so close.

For information on how to turn on and off the voice-to-text feature, see the following topic: Turn on the voice-to-text feature.

6. Clear App Cache

If you’re experiencing issues with Visual Voicemail not working, you can quickly clear the cache of your specific app by going to Settings> Apps & App Cache> Clear Cache.

* If the app does not appear in the list, tap the app, then tap App Cache, then tap Clear Cache.

7. Reset Your Network Settings

There might be some issues in the network connection which is preventing the Verizon visual voicemail to work properly.

From the Home Screen, tap Settings.
Tap Networks
Tap Mobile Networks
Tap the Mobile Network that you are using and tap the More button.
Tap the Reset option.
Tap the Ok button.

8. Reset Verizon Visual Voicemail

Go to Settings. Tap apps. Tap Verison, and then tap Visual Voicemail. If you see a red circle with a line through it, tap the circle to restore your voicemail.

9. Stop Call Forwarding

The best way to do this is to deactivate the device for the time that you need to use Visual Voicemail.

Because the voicemail is not on voicemail, you will need to call into the voicemail system to deactivate it.

10. Update Verizon Visual Voicemail

If you haven’t updated your app or the data on your Android device then this can cause glitches and bugs within the app, just like this one.

The problem is that if you have the app from the Google Play Store and you tap on that button, it will download the new version, but if it’s already installed, it will not do anything.
[Kiefer]: That is correct.

Well yeah, you can update the app and it just puts a “Waiting On Wi-Fi” screen, then after the wait, it opens your Voicemail app.

11. Update Your Software

You should try updating apps that are on your device regularly to make sure it’s running the newest versions of them and not getting outdated.

Also, there may be a brief restart after the updating process is finished. The app will also be unresponsive if you try to access visual voicemail after that. To fix this, you must restart the phone.

12. Contact Verizon

If your issue is still not resolved, contact Verizon to see if they can help you since there may have been an issue with your account or your device.

What’s The Difference Between Voicemail and Visual Voicemail?

Voicemail that you receive on your phone is not just a recording. Instead, it’s a message that contains additional information about the caller and what is happening in the call.

For example, when you get a text message, the phone displays the message on the lock screen and rings your phone.
You can then choose to answer or ignore the text message.

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If you are not getting voicemail messages on your Verizon phone, you can try restarting your device, updating the Voicemail app, or updating the software on your phone.

> This is very frustrating. This used to work on previous versions of Chrome but not the current version.

After a while, we’ve developed some new ideas for improving user experience. We will be rolling an update shortly that includes a new version of Chrome that includes a significant number of performance improvements.

We are developing a couple of other features for you to try out in the interim.

But in case you experience any problems, you can always contact Verizon and see if there’s anything wrong with your account.

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