Verizon Not Receiving Texts (13 Fixes + Other Faqs)

I am having trouble with Verizon not receiving texts, and I want to know how to fix this quickly, so that I don’t miss important messages.

If it’s not a hardware problem, then you may need to look elsewhere. If your computer is up and running, and you’re still getting this error message, then it’s most likely a software driver issue.

Verizon Not Receiving Texts In 2022

To fix missing text messages, you can try to restart your device, toggle Airplane mode on and off, or check to see if your phone has a wireless or data signal as of 2022. If you’re attached to a network, you can also try to reboot your router.

You want to know if other people are having trouble with sending text messages? Well, I’ve got all of the fixes to know below, so read on to learn more!

1. Restart Your Device

To fix Verizon not receiving text messages you could try to restart your device which is a one of the best and quick ways to fix.

To do so, hold down the power button and restart your device, but give your phone a little time to completely reboot before you have someone send you a text to see if it works.

In other words, you can’t start an app.
The screen will change color three times, the app will start and the screen will change color again.

2. Toggle Airplane Mode On & Off

If you can’t get it to work from the quick actions dropdown menu, then you can restart your phone. That will cause all the Verizon data settings to reset, including the SMS settings.

However, when you toggle Airplane mode on and off, you should wait ten or fifteen seconds between switching it on and off, and you should repeat this a few times to see if it works.

(Optional: if you’ve seen what happens when you toggle Airplane Mode, you can skip it and jump to the next item.)

[Optional] Make sure you’ve got all your networking gear turned on and working.

3. Check Wireless Or Data Connection

As long as you are on a data or wireless connection, you want to make sure you are connected and have an excellent signal to receive text messages.

If you are having a problem with your signal strength, text messages may be cut off.

4. Move To Another Location

If you want to be able to read text messages, you could go to a different location and see if that has a better service.

Another way is to get close to the signal booster and if you have a metal or brick building, you can try going outside to eliminate the interference caused by the location.

5. Reboot Your WiFi

If you’re having issues with texting, you want to try to solve the problem by restarting your phone or by restarting your WiFi service.

Additionally, you’ll need to run these commands: “sudo route del default” and “sudo route del default”. This is what you want your router to be doing.

6. Take Out SIM Card & Put It Back In

If you cannot receive text messages, you can carefully remove your SIM card, check it for damage, and then put it back in because the issue is a loss of connection to Verizon.

The SIM card has to be taken out without touching the edges so as not to damage the contacts. The notches have to be lined up to make sure it goes back in correctly.

7. Update Messaging App

As long as you’re using a brand new messaging app, you’re very unlikely to have an issue sending or receiving texts through your Verizon device.

You go to your device’s app store, tap on apps, tap on the messaging app, and look at the top of the page. You will see “Update”.

There’s an issue with updating but that might not necessarily do anything to resolve your issue. To check if you can update, go to Settings, then About. If you see the version of Android you’re running, tap Update. If you see a version number, that means you can update. If not, you can’t update.

8. Update Phone Software

If you didn’t update your software regularly you could potentially be missing out on critical security patches and other updates that can hinder your ability to receive text messages because you won’t know about them in the first place.

9. Clear Message App Cache

1. Go to Settings > Apps and then scroll to your Messages app.
2. Tap Clear App Data.
3. Tap Clear Cache.
4. After that, restart your phone.

After deleting your iMessages from your device, the next time you launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign back into your iCloud account.

10. Turn Off Power Saver Mode Or Battery Saver

You may not be able to send or receive SMS messages on your device if your device is running a power saver or a battery saver. Please ensure that those settings are turned off.

Additionally, as a safety precaution if your phone has “Do Not Disturb” or some other option like that, could prevent you from getting texts and calls.

11. Delete Unused Apps To Clear Space

If your Verizon phone loses text messages, you can delete unused apps. This will allow your phone to receive text messages again.

12. Uninstall & Reinstall Message App

You can reinstall the app to get a fresh install, which could work if there is a bug in the app, as this will reset the data.

If you want to completely remove WhatsApp, you can easily delete the data through Windows operating system by simply clicking on the “Delete” button.

13. Contact Verizon

Customers can check the status of their Verizon account by visiting the Verizon website, by calling the number on the back of their Verizon phone, or by contacting a Verizon representative.

After reading this article, you may have other options for improving your reception.

Why Am I Not Getting My Text Messages On My Verizon Phone?

You are not getting text messages because of common errors. Reinsert SIM and clear app cache. Restart your device and get a good signal.

While these stories are similar, there are some notable differences as well. In our post on VZW spam text, we covered the general issues related to Verizon spam text. However, in this post we will cover the two specific cases that users had regarding a particular incident.


If your phone has issues sending texts, you can try reinstalling the messaging app, updating your device, and maybe turning Airplane mode on and off.

Lastly, make sure you have a good connection, are not being blocked in your country or in your neighborhood, have good signal and a clean router.

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