Verizon Message+ Backup (how It Works + Other Common Faqs)

If Verizon has a great app for texting, it’s the Verizon Message+. It’s great for people who are already Verizon customers or who are thinking about switching to Verizon.

If you don’t know how Verizon Message+ works from the beginning, you can scroll down to the end of this guide to learn all about it.

Verizon Message+ Backup In 2022

If you already have both Verizon Cloud enabled and Apple Cloud enabled, then backing up your Verizon Messages+ messages is a simple process. Simply choose the backup option under the Messages app. And with Verizon Cloud enabled, you’ll be able to save your deleted messages in a safe place where you can always find them.

I know you want to know how to save your Verizon Message+ conversation, but there are a few things to know about this product. First, you can store messages for a period of time using the cloud.

How Do I Backup Verizon+ Messages?

If you have an iPhone: you need to download and install the Verizon Messages app and then go through a backup process.
If you have an Android device: you need to download and install the Verizon Messages app and then go through a backup process.

Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable.
Open Apple’s Messages app.
Tap on Store and then tap on Back Up.
Tap on Back Up Now.
Select a backup location (such as the cloud) and tap Backup.
Tap Save.

How Do I Restore My Verizon Plus Messages?

All you need is an Android device and you can easily restore your Verizon plus messages by following this easy guide.

That’s right, and even if you do have iCloud enabled, you can only receive and send messages from people who are already on your email list.

Restore your iPhone by connecting it to a computer and then use iTunes to restore it (see instructions here). This will overwrite your current device data and apps with the data and apps on your iPhone backup. After this completes, your iPhone will be completely new and should work like it did before you ever got the problem.

How Do I Retrieve Text Messages From Verizon Cloud?

All you’d need to do is you’ll need to open up the “My Verizon” app which is available on Android or iOS. From there, it’ll ask you to sign in by scanning your security information.

Does Verizon Cloud Backup All Text  Messages?

Verizon will backup all text messages but it won’t send them until the initial synchronizing process is completed.

However, during the initial sync process from your device to the Verizon Cloud, in addition to your last 90 days of messages, you’ll also be able to back up older messages like you are with some iPhone backups.

When you first sync your phone with Verizon Cloud, all of the text messages you’ve sent or received in the last 90 days will sync into the cloud. After that, all new texts you send or receive will also sync to the cloud.

How Do I Backup Verizon Message+ to an SD Card?

In your Settings under Message+, look under the backup setting. There is a slide bar that allows you to specify the type of backup. You can backup your entire conversations to an SD Card.

But when you go to download the latest version of Verizon Message+, it will download the OTA updater, which will update all the apps on your Droid phone, including a list of Verizon apps. You’ll need to update those, of course.

If you want to know how to use Verizon Message Plus and what is Verizon Share Name ID, read our post How to use Verizon Message Plus. If you want to learn more about Verizon Connect, check our post What is Verizon Connect.


In case you lost your phone or for whatever reason want a duplicate of all of your messages, you can easily back it up to the Verizon Cloud or Apple iCloud. That’s how it works.

You need to know the steps you need to follow to backup your messages and how to do it, so you can follow the steps on your own.

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