Verizon Message+ Backup (How It Works, Setting Up + Other Faqs)

If you have Verizon Message+ and want to know how to backup your messages on your phone, read on.

First of all, Verizon Message+ is a backup service offered by Verizon!
It stores messages in a separate server that is not under the control of your phone provider.
So, even if your phone provider goes down (or the message service is down) your backup is safe!
However, your backup is on a different server.
You need to have a backup plan in place, including a different phone number, plan, and backup software.

Verizon Message+ Backup In 2022

Verizon Message+ for Android will be available on the Android Market, starting July. This comes in addition to Google’s existing backup offerings such as Google Play and Google Photos. Once you have backup, you’ll be able to restore it at any time — no matter what happens to your Verizon account.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Message+ backup services, including how it’s available and if it’s free or paid for, or have other questions? If so, continue reading to learn all of the important details!

How Do I Set Up Verizon Message+ Backup?

It’s easy to set up a backup for your Verizon Message+ regardless if you have an Android device or an iOS device.

The process will generally be to start by creating a new Microsoft Service account and use that to connect to your device.

You simply need to make sure that the message service is turned on.
On your iPhone, visit the Settings app, tap the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’ icon, and scroll down to ‘MMS’.
Turn on ‘Backup’.

In addition, it’s easy to set up Verizon Message+ backup with your Android device by following the steps below:

To set up backup and restore of messages, go to the Verizon cloud app.
In the menu, tap Settings, then Messages.
Tap Backups and restore messages when you back up your device.
Turn on backup as often as you want. You can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly backup.

How Do I Backup Verizon Message+ To SD Card?

After you install the app on your Android device, you’ll see the Message+ Backup option in the app menu, as well as the Create Backup option in the Settings page. This allows you to back up messages to your SD card, while the app is running.

Can I Delete Messages After Verizon Message+ Backup?

You can delete messages off of your device after your Verizon Message+ backup has been completed, but they will be available in the cloud.

You will also be able to delete specific messages or delete all of your messages on your device.

1. Open
2. Press the Messages icon in the top left
3. Select an account (or tap on the account you would like to delete
the conversation)
4. Tap the X icon in the upper right corner
5. You will see a list of available conversations. Choose the
conversations you want to delete.

How Far Back Does Verizon Message+ Backup Work?

After the initial sync of your messages, you can always sync up to the last 90 days, regardless of how much data you’ve already uploaded.

The initial sync process takes a bit of time, so be prepared for your phone to take a bit of time to switch over to your new number and send the last of your data.

Can I Retrieve Verizon Message+ Backup From Verizon Cloud?

Message+ is a new feature that allows users to retrieve backups of all of their messages from one app.

Now we’re all set up to use Message+, so let’s take a look at some of the ways you can customize the app.

Does Verizon Automatically Backup Text Messages?

Verizon doesn’t automatically back up your text messages unless you’re subscribed to Verizon cloud or you have your messages on your iCloud.

You also can’t have more than one account connected at a time.
In addition you can’t see the full conversation history for a single conversation.

If you are new to online backup, the $19.99 per month plan comes with 1TB of online storage and unlimited backup, with a free 1-month trial period.

The post on Verizon LTE not working might be your best bet as that seems to be affecting more users than the other issues, but we would need to know if you are affected by that as well.


Verizon Message+ allows you to backup your conversations, calendar, and text messages to the Verizon cloud or Apple iCloud.

The backup option will restore messages on your device; it won’t back up any other Apple Messages content (such as iMessage threads, media, or contact lists).

However, for $9.99 per month you can get a 5 GB monthly credit on a per-user basis or unlimited per-user credit for $49.99, for up to five users and unlimited devices.

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