*228 Verizon (What It Means, How It Works + More)

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What Is *228 from Verizon In 2022?

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How Does *228 Verizon Work?

Previously, Verizon customers could dial *228 from their Verizon phone to begin the update to the Preferred Roaming list and this could be done from a landline or mobile phone.

Verizon’s software is the software that lets you roam on their network.

At the time, Verizon recommended that customers dial *228 every three months or whenever they wanted to change their plan.

You would first dial a certain number, then when you pressed option 2 a message would pop-up showing if your phone is updated or not.

And finally once it had finished it would show the status of the update on your screen.

What Were the Benefits of Dialing *228 Verizon?

You can see the updated list of supported roaming partners. This list is refreshed periodically so your phone may not be automatically upgraded by calling *228.
You will be able to see the list of roaming partners in your carrier’s roaming menu.
You could receive messages in your preferred languages with a voice message.

Why Isn’t *228 Verizon Working?

1. You still have a 3G SIM card, and not 4G and it needs to be replaced. 2. You need to delete your Verizon application and download it again.

How to Fix *228 When it’s Not Working

If you are trying to call *228 Verizon and you are experiencing an error and it isn’t working, then there are potential fixes for these errors include moving to a location that has 3G coverage.

And that’s true. You could try to remove the SIM card and reinsert it. Your phone might have lost connection to the Verizon network.

Does Verizon Still Use *228?

Verizon is ending voice and data service for their 3G devices by the end of 2022.

Therefore, if Verizon shuts down the 3G network at the end of 2022, then everyone would be forced to use 4G or 5G instead of a phone number *228, and *228 will become obsolete.

What Is the Code to Update Towers for Verizon?

If you want to change the towers for Verizon, the code is *228, which is how you can change the towers that your 3G device connects to.

After the update is finished, you’ll need to press “2” when you’re prompted to begin the update to the Verizon towers.

However, the update to the Preferred Roaming List can take up to 2 minutes to perform, so, be patient, while your phone completes the action.

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The Verizon 3G device was used to perform a Preferred Roaming List Update or to activate the devices. The update should be performed once per three months.

Your phone should also receive better cell phone reception, make voice calls sound clearer, and when you’re roaming, Verizon’s network should have better connection.

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