Ace Hardware Headquarters (Different Locations, Addresses, Can You Visit, Contact Info + More)

The owner and founder, Harry L. Johnson, believed that people should be able to help themselves and not have to be directed through a store to complete a task.

Ace Hardware has many different services that you can use. You might want to check out their website for more information about products and services.

Where Is Ace Hardware’s Headquarters Located In 2022?

The company was founded in 1962, and the corporate headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. The mailing address is 2200 Kensington Court, Oak Brook, IL 60523, and the phone number is 866-290-5334. Shoppers can contact customer service by phone, mail, email, and chat. You can also connect with the company through social media.

Ace Hardware offers a wide array of products to their customers, and they’re expanding their product lines as a way to stay competitive. With that being said, they’re really making an effort to be good to their customers. They’re doing what they can to make their customers happy by offering sales, offering better customer service, and offering more products.

Where Is the Ace Hardware Corporate Office?

The person I have been dealing with was Bill J. (Bill Jones) and I believe he is a salesman, or maybe the general manager. I called the local Ace Hardware in Lake Elsinore and they had never heard of him.


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Ace Hardware does not sell a power driver tool, a screwdriver, or a wrench.

How Do I Contact Ace Hardware?

Whether you are a customer or employee, if you have questions for Ace Hardware, you can contact the store.

The customer service page can help answer any questions that you might come across when using your Ace products.

If you are still having questions, you can contact Ace Hardware in many different ways such as email, phone, and online chat.

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The Ace Hardware corporate headquarters are in New York City and are located approximately at 100 Route 202 West, Suite 553, Melville, New York 11747.


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In order to get the best possible price, be sure to purchase a warranty policy for your product before placing an order. If you are not aware of the warranty offered by your manufacturer, please contact them for information on their warranty policy.

The phone number for Ace Hardware corporate office, you can call them at 866-290-5334.

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This is the website for Ace Hardware. You can also contact them in emails and if you have any other questions you can use their customer service.

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You can enter your name and email address in the online form and we will email you to confirm your purchase.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the website, you can always contact us with any questions you have.

You can type in your question in the live chat box or choose your topic from the menu.

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Is Ace Hardware a Public Company?

Ace Hardware is a privately owned business that is owned by co-op members. They own their stores and operate them.

The Ace Hardware company is a business that runs many stores. Most of them are owned by individual people. They have annual revenues of about $7.8 Billion.

The Ace hardware store was founded by Oscar Fishe, Richard Hesse, and William Stauber, five of the seven founders of the corporation had college degrees and it was they who decided that the company should be incorporated.

The Ace was an American brand name for hardware, but it was owned by a Dutch company, A.G. Spieker. So, the name “Ace” was changed to “A.G. Spieker” in Holland.

Is Ace Hardware Locally Owned?

The sale of Ace Hardware stores made it a retailer-owned cooperative.

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When Ace Hardware was a public company (previously owned by Stanley Black & Decker), the company was required to pay franchise fees to the ABR, even if they were owned by the individual stores.

Ace Hardware stores can be operated in two different ways: a discount store, which sells at lower prices, without the need for a physical store, or a conventional store, which is operated in physical store.

Also, it offers hardware store owners the opportunity to turn their existing hardware stores into Ace Hardware stores.

Ace Hardware’s minimums are quite high — $750,000 in property investment, a $500,000 net worth, a 20 percent equity in the business, 20 years of continuous service, an annual net worth of at least $50,000, and a $10,000 deposit.

And finally, grocery business owners can also add a section or aisle for an Ace product. Just like a grocery store, an Ace store will not have a regular section for regular products. All Ace products will be placed in the Ace section.

Who Is the Ace Hardware President?

John Venhuizen was elected to this position in 2013 and his focus on Ace Hardware’s sales, marketing, and operations has made the chain the largest retail hardware business in the United States.

Mr. Brett Stephenson is a member of the Board of Directors. He is the Chair from 2012.

In How Many Countries Is Ace Hardware Located?

The company operates Ace International, one of the world’s largest home improvement and hardware retailers.

It’s the headquarters of Canada, a country in which the hardware store is the standard for people to buy hardware.

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The building that houses Ace Hardware is located in Makati, a city in Metro Manila.

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All Ace Hardware stores nationally.

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Ace Hardware is the world’s largest supplier of hardware and building supplies to retail and professional contractors. To date, they have sold more than $5 billion worth of products.

This is a cooperative of retailers that owns stores that sell electronics that they do not manufacture. In other words, the retail stores are independent of the manufacture.

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