Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass? (how It Works + More)

Ace Hardware also is known for providing essential services for a reasonable price. For example, key cutting, pipe cutting, and more are a few services that customers can find at Ace Hardware.

If you want to buy plexiglass or can it be cut at your Ace Hardware store, then you may be wondering how they do it. As it turns out, a lot can be done manually, from cutting by hand to using a saw.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass In 2022?

The government is planning to take over Ace Hardware as of 2022. People will still be allowed to purchase plexiglass in stores, but if you have purchased plexiglass from Ace Hardware, the price will decrease from $2 to $1.

For more information about cutting plexiglass yourself, see if it’s illegal to cut plexiglass at home, what the plexiglass cutting tool at Ace Hardware will cost, and if you can get someone to cut your plexiglass for you at Ace Hardware.

Can All Ace Hardware Stores Cut Plexiglass?

When you enter an Ace Hardware store, you can get your glass fixed by the glass specialists. They are located in an area with a separate entrance. They are also very helpful and friendly.

Since it may be a hassle to cut more glass, it’s best to contact your local Ace Hardware store to see if they can cut plexiglass.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass To Size?

I would call Ace hardware and ask them if they cut large sheets of plexiglass. Then you can cut the pieces needed youself. If they do not cut it then you would need to take it to a glass shop and have them cut the plexiglass.

For example, the Miller’s Ace Hardware store is helping its customers cut plexiglass of different thickness to size in its stores.

How Much Is It To Cut Plexiglass At Ace Hardware?

At Ace Hardware, it will cost $2 per cut to have your plexiglass cut at an off-site location.

Online shoppers said they’d pay less at Ace Hardware. And since it is cheaper, this is how Ace Hardware tries to make more money.

So the price will depend on what size of glass you’re looking for, and how much the cutting service is going to charge you.

(1) If you purchased the plexiglass from Ace Hardware, you need to contact them to get a quote. The quote should include a part number for you to order from and you will have to contact them for a quote to cut the plexiglass.

(2) There is likely to be a fee to have plexiglass cut.

Not only can you save up to half the price, but you may have your plexiglass cut at almost no cost or charge.

How Do I Get My Plexiglass Cut At Ace Hardware?

To have your plexiglass cut, Ace Hardware will let you bring the plexiglass into the hardware store or Ace Hardware will have it cut from your plexiglass.

Once you’ve arrived at the counter for Ace Hardware you’ll be able to choose the cut that you need and then have the plexiglass cut and ready for you to pick up in a couple of hours.

The employees at Ace Hardware can plan the cutting of your tempered glass, and after being done shopping at Ace Hardware, the cutting will be complete.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Plexiglass?

The plexiglass used for the installation of the shower curtains in your shower is a different chemical. If you see the word “plexiglas” anywhere on the actual product, you can be sure it’s an acrylic plexiglass. It will work perfectly in your shower. However, you may need to apply a different primer/conditioner to your shower walls and floor.

Additionally, this product on the Ace Hardware website includes the Plaskolite Optix Clear Single Acrylic Sheet priced at $12.99.

Can I Cut My Plexiglass Myself?

To cut plexiglass from your own, you’ll need a pneumatic cutter, pneumatic chisel, and sandpaper. These items can be found at Ace Hardware, or even at home improvement stores.

People have tried using a reciprocating saw and they’ve cut plexiglass. But the result can be quite messy and the results of using it are not always what you might expect.

When cutting the material with a circular saw, you can use the blades of your circular saw or use a utility knife to make the score line.

There is also much online information regarding how to cut your plexiglass and some of the tools for sale at Ace Hardware if you don’t already have them.

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If you would like to order the plexiglass you need to have one of the Ace Hardware locations perform the cut, however, if you choose it yourself a fee will be applied.

But you do have to be clear on what kind of plexiglass you want in order to get a quote. The dimensions, thickness, and all that.

There are also videos online showing how to cut plexiglass, and you can also get it at many local hardware stores.

Please remember to remove any labels that may contain allergens such as latex.

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