Does Lowe’s Cut Plexiglass? (try This Instead)

Glass and other materials such as plexiglass can be cut and shaped at Lowe’s stores. To improve your home, Lowe’s often offers services such as cutting and shaping these materials.

Lowe’s isn’t able to cut plexiglass in its stores. It’s possible to order plexiglass that’s cut at a Lowe’s store, but it won’t be cut until the order has been placed.

Does Lowe’s Cut Plexiglass In 2022?

There is no easy way to get out of that glass for any of us.

When people hear about my story, I always say that we could have ended up in any other similar situation if we had not chosen to go to Lowe’s in the first place. I try to emphasize that we could be in a dangerous situation right now.

To learn more about cutting plexiglass, read the entire article!

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Does Lowe’s Cut Glass to Size?

While Lowe’s can cut regular glass to any size and shape, they cannot cut plexiglass. Usually Lowe’s will cut the glass and then charge you for the removal of the plexiglass sticker. This is a very labor intensive process and can cost upwards of $40.

The best way to cut glass is to purchase a glass cutter. However, Lowe’s frequently offers free cutting for the first few glass cuts and a small cut fee for any subsequent glass cuts.

Where Can I Get Plexiglass Cut?

Plexiglass is hard and may be difficult to cut due to certain properties of the material. It might be worth shopping around local hardware stores or using online services.

For example, if you’re based in Colorado, Ace are able to help with cutting glass or plexiglass within their stores. Ace offers information on their website about their services and places to locate their stores. In addition, they may send you a product brochure, which will help you choose a suitable product.

You can also buy it online and have one cut to your exact measurements. This will save you loads of time, as you don’t have to wait for the custom shop to have the part cut to your dimensions.

Can I Cut Plexiglass Myself?

While plexiglass windows are considered strong, they can be broken when you attempt to cut them or when you are not using the right tools.

If you cannot find a local store that deals with cutting plexiglass, it is possible to cut it yourself.

The other two are the 1.5-inch PLASKOLITE 1-Blade Utility Knife (priced at $3.98) and the 1-Blade Utility Knife (priced at $3.99), because these two blades are cheaper.

There are several companies that you can hire to cut the plexiglass yourself. We went to Lowe’s and bought the necessary tools for just a few dollars.

If you don’t own or don’t want to purchase multiple tools, Lowe’s has professional tools that are a good cost-effective option to use professional tools without the need to purchase them.

You can make a template using a hard or soft plastic cutting board such as a cork board.
You can cut the plastic by using a hot knife or a hair dryer.
The first time you cut plexiglass you can experiment to determine the thickness of the plexiglass you need to cut.

A circular saw, table saw or saber saw is the best tool for cutting plexiglass. If you wish to cut curved lines in plexiglass, consider using a jigsaw.

How Do I Cut Plexiglass Myself?

Be careful to use the correct blades for the material you are working with and also make sure you are cutting in the correct orientation. The direction in which the blade cuts will determine the orientation of the teeth in the resulting mold.

Make sure to sand the plexiglass with sandpaper. And if you buff the plexiglass first you may be tempted to use the abrasive side of the sandpaper. You don’t want to do that because you will scratch the plexiglass. After buffing the plexiglass sand the surface with smooth stones and then apply the silicone sealant.

Other tips include not letting the blade heat up, and putting plastic film on the plexiglass before you cut.

A good idea is to have two or three different cutters so that you have a backup to use if the other one breaks. Some DIY tools like a circular saw or reciprocating saw may also cut through the plexiglass.

Does Lowe’s Sell Plexiglass?

Lowe’s uses plexiglass for a variety of purposes, including for shower doors, shower enclosures, and shower walls.

Lowe’s selling the best-selling plexiglass options include the OPTIX 0.22-inch T x 48-inch W x 96-inch L Clear Sheet for $239 and PLASKOLITE 0.246-inch T x 48-inch W x 96-inch L Clear Sheet for $81.

The variety of options available at Lowe’s can negate the need for cutting Plexiglass. Whether you buy your glass from Lowe’s or another source, it’s important to have the right size and number of pieces to complete the job.

To read more about how Lowe’s does business, you can also read our related post on whether or not Lowe’s prices metal sheeting and plumbing pipe.


In the case of your ceiling, this means you need to cut the tile in half, take the top off, and then remove all the nails. You may consider going to a hardware store and purchasing something like a tile cutter or nail punch to remove the nails.

Lowe’s sells many plexiglass cutters that customers can use to cut their own plexiglass. These cutters are very easy to use and do not require any special skills to operate. It is a good idea to buy a plexiglass cutter from Lowe’s if you cannot find what you need at a local store or online retailer.

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