Does Lowe’s Cut Pvc Pipe? (try This Instead)

Lowe’s offers a wide array of PVC-related products including pipes, pipe cutting tools, fittings and more.

I can’t find enough information about this on Lowe’s website but I have found out that Lowe’s does cut PVC pipes. However, if you have any questions, they can always be answered by calling their customer service.

Does Lowe’s Cut PVC Pipe In 2022?

The most common way to break a PVC pipe is to bend it in half, then hit it in the center with a hammer. This results in a clean break, and the halves often don’t stick together. However, if the pipe is not bent in half, it could not be broken.

If you are hoping for a quick solution to why Lowe does not cut PVC pipes, what other stores will cut PVC pipes for you, and much more, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Cut PVC Pipe?

It appears that Lowe’s does not cut PVC pipes because the customer could easily do the job on his own, with a range of tools offered by Lowe’s.

There is a lot of cutting pipes, and some employees report offering ‘courtesy cuts’ when pipes are too long to fit into customers’ cars.

Which Stores Cut PVC Pipe?

Because most hardware stores do not offer in- store cutting services, they have to have it cut for them at a job site.

Ace Hardware appears to be the only major retailer to offer this service, although smaller hardware or plumbing businesses may also provide this service.

*In short, the best way to go about this is to visit a local hardware store (which will charge a fee) in order to procure some PVC pipe.

**As an alternative, you could instead use a water pipe cutter.

What Kind Of Pipe Does Lowe’s Cut?

Lowe’s currently offers to cut galvanized and black iron pipes that were bought at their store using specialized tools and machines.

The cutting process is done by a machine-based rotating metal wheel that creates threads at the end of the pipe, eventually cutting it off.

Can You Cut PVC Pipe Yourself?

You can cut a PVC pipe and save yourself the trouble of hunting around to find a tool!

Read all the tutorials and other advice online to find out how to cut PVC pipe. Then find a tool that is made to cut PVC pipe, such as a hacksaw. Use the tool to cut the pipe.

Which PVC Pipe Products Does Lowe’s Sell?

Lowe’s sells PVC pipes which are labeled pressure pipes. Some are white, some are yellow, and some are red. For prices, call Lowe’s for more information.

The price of PVC pipes varies depending on length, diameter, and type of pipes needed.

The fittings that Lowe’s sells include either straight or barbed pipe and the fittings can be bought in various sizes.

But you just said they sell the same thing, so I have no point in talking about it.

The set of tools comes from a variety of brands, including Kobalt, Lenox, and Superior Tool.

For more information on how to cut rebar, see our blog posts on whether or not Lowe’s cuts rebar and if Lowe’s cuts metal sheets.


Lowe’s does not cut PVC pipes used for irrigation systems in-store, although employees can cut the PVC pipe and other pieces that you need for your irrigation system.

Lowe’s also sells a variety of PVC pipe pipe cutting tools in-store. The PVC pipe cutting tools vary in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

While cutting PVC pipes is fairly simple and straightforward, it is important to make safe cuts that will not end up jamming the cutter blades and damaging the cutting tool in the process.
If you are using a power saw or other industrial cutting tool, you should make sure you have the proper guard protection which will prevent you or your hands from getting injured from the cutting.

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