Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More? (guide)

Lowe’s has many products available to help customers with their DIY projects. They have cutting tools, drills, and measuring tools available at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is famous for its ability to bend metal and other materials. They have this ability as well as cutting, drilling, and soldering. It is common for Lowe’s to use aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel when it comes to bending.

Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More In 2022?

Lowe’s does not sell or rent a wide selection of pipe bending tools and may not be able to recommend local stores that sell pipe bending equipment. As a result of this, Lowe’s may not be able to bend pipe materials for customers that do not already have these materials at home.

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Does Lowe’s Bend Metal Pipe?

You can get free pipe threading and cutting by Lowe’s, the only thing they don’t do is bending the pipe.

The service used at Lowe’s is designed to cut and insert pipe. Lowe’s staff are not trained to bend pipe for you in their stores.

Where Can I Get Metal Pipe Bent Instead?

Lowe’s sells pipe bending tools to help you bend any kind of pipe. The top options sold at Lowe’s for pipe bending include a Kobalt Spring Tube Bender, a LENOX Od Tube Bender, and a LENOX Hydraulic Pipe Bender.

In the event that Lowe’s cannot get the parts or bend the pipe in house, Ace Hardware is able to do so.

You may also get the exact length of your pipe needed and allow your pipe to be
bent by a professional.

Does Lowe’s Bend Conduit?

They are no longer able to get conduit from suppliers and they’re stuck with products they don’t want. Lowe’s are also unable to bend conduit in their stores, despite the fact they sell a range of conduit products.

The IDEAL Conduit Bender and the 1-inch Conduit Bender work in the same way, but the former allows for the bending of conduit using a circular motion, while the latter works in a twisting motion.

Where Can I Bend Conduit Instead?

As mentioned in the original answer (and the other answers), you should just avoid using conduit for the whole run. You could consider doing some of the feed/return runs with flexible nonconductor (e.g. PVC) if it’s a tight space. But the main runs should just use wire.

In the case of conduit, there are special tools that can be found in stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Does Lowe’s Bend Rebar?

Lowe’s cannot bend rebar so they do not have the proper equipment, which are Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

Where Can I Bend Rebar Instead?

Lowe’s sells rebar and other related tools where appropriate. Their prices are competitive. However, we strongly recommend using a local contractor to do the installation, as they are a more likely to use the right tools and have the expertise to ensure the steel will be installed properly.

Lowe’s has a range of tools and products to help you fix and install things in the home, including tools to help with fixing and installing things in the walls and corners of the home, like the Single End Rebar Hickey Bender.

I also recommend setting a concrete base for your project. This will help with moisture issues. It is much cheaper than using forms.

Does Lowe’s Bend Flashing?

In the United States, Lowe’s does not have a wide range of flashing. The only way of getting flashing at Lowe’s is to buy a whole kit with bulbs, and then install it yourself.

The Vise-Grip Sheet Metal Locking Pliers from IRWIN offers a versatile, yet simple solution to fastening any size of sheet metal that needs to be bent.

The “Builder’s Edge” is a high quality flashing that is used to make corners (or the seams between courses of material) smooth.

Where Can I Get Flashing Bent?

Roofing specialists can help you find ways to fix your flashing and stop it from leaking and rotting your home. They can also help when it has been damaged by storms and other things.

Additionally, the Lowe’s may also be able to suggest services that will assist you with bending your flashing.

Does Lowe’s Bend Copper Pipe?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t include flexible copper pipe in its budget for the home improvement store.

Instead of going to Lowe’s, go to the Internet and search for “how to bend copper pipe” to discover many options.

It is said that the best-rated options sold at Lowe’s include the Kobalt Spring Tube Bender and the Lenox Od Tube Bender.

When they’re used for plumbing they’re quite commonly bent, or used in a way that they can’t be bent anymore.

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools to Bend Pipe, Conduit, Rebar, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More?

Lowe’s can rent tools that can help you bend materials, like pipe, flashing, conduit, and rebar.

By renting your tools, you can save money on buying professional-grade materials, and have them shipped to your own home.

The cost for renting tools from Lowe’s may vary by store, therefore you might want to contact your nearest Lowe’s to inquire.

Lowe’s is an online and an offline retailer. Lowe’s also offers tools for you to rent, if you are over 18 years old, or over 21 years old to rent towable equipment.

You can pick up rental tools from Lowe’s if you have your own photo ID and credit card to pay for the tool rentals. If you want to extend the rental period, you can pick up rental tools from Lowe’s for 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly and 4-weekly rental periods.

In this article, we’ll be covering Lowe’s vs Home Depot on the issues of whether pipes are cut, what is the limit on the number of sheets/strips of sheetrock they’re allowed to cut, and whether or not they cut metal sheets.


Lowe’s is not able to bend metal pipe, conduit, rebar or flashing to the lengths required to fit into a specific location within their own stores. These tasks must be sent to another contractor.

Lowe’s, a leading home improvement retail company, offers a wide range of tools for customers to use.

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