Does Walmart Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers? (do This Instead…)

Walmart is known for selling a wide range of useful items at low prices all day, every day.

Walmart sells Yeti products including an outdoor cooler, but those items are available on Amazon.

I have also found Yeti products for sale on Amazon.

My guess is that Yeti is trying to capture a piece of the Amazon and Walmart online shopping market.

Does Walmart Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers In 2022?

Shoppers can only purchase the products sold in Walmart stores and in-person from a limited number of specialty stores that carry Yeti products. Customers can also purchase lower-cost coolers and tumblers from Walmart.

From how to choose the best Yeti product to the reasons why Yeti products aren’t sold in Walmart to the alternative products available in-store, keep reading for all you need to know!

Why Does Walmart Not Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

Walmart does not have the right to sell Yeti coolers, tumblers, or other Yeti branded products in their stores or online.

In fact, Yeti is very particular about where it will sell its products and the discount retailers do not make the cut.

In selling their product through discount retailers, Yeti would be selling their product at a rate lower than what their brand stands for. Consumers could end up with products that are not as good quality as those they would receive from Yeti.

Are Walmart Planning On Selling Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

According to a recent report, Walmart has decided to pull the plug on the Yeti Cooler brand, which was introduced a few years ago. It seems like a long shot that we’ll see Walmart sell Yeti Coolers again, if ever, but there’s a chance.

There might not be any more chances for a partnership between both companies.

Walmart was accused of falsely advertising the brand’s products as being associated with Yeti
In 2018, Yeti sued the US-based website eBay, seeking to be compensated for an unfair advantage to its competitors.

What Stores Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

Yeti even has their own website, which is dedicated to their custom rations, packs and gear.

I really like the idea behind the project. I think if we do one thing to make the world a better and more harmonious place we should be very proud of ourself.

When you buy a Yeti cooler on Amazon, you’ll often run into a mark-up.

Now, we could continue to add the word “cooler” to the front of every sentence.

You can buy the Yeti products in person at small independent and local specialty stores across the country, which are unlikely to dock or inflate the price of the items before the point of sale.

What Coolers & Tumblers Can I Buy From Walmart?

If you want to get coolers and tumblers from Walmart, you can do it online or in-store.

And the products are good enough to be considered by the market as durable. But it’s not the best in the global market.
The other factor is whether the product can be marketed.

Walmart has a limited supply available and will be available in very limited quantities.

A lot of the Walmart brand products that I have bought are actually third-party sellers.

Are Walmart Coolers & Tumblers The Same Quality As Yeti Branded Products?

Yeti coolers are known for being of superior quality. A reviewer from CNET claims that Yeti coolers are far sturdier and have a better insulation and ice retention than other coolers.

Well, while they are cheap and good enough to keep your drinks cold or hot, they are not of the high quality of the best cooler and tumbler sets.

The products offered by Walmart are actually quite worthwhile.

If you want to keep your drink hot for more than an hour, you can use a standard coffee mug. Alternatively, a microwave-safe tote is good for keeping drinks warm. A glass flask is also good for keeping drinks hot.

How Much Do Coolers & Tumblers Cost At Walmart?

Tumblers and coolers from Walmart vary in price depending on their specifications like the type of material used, the brand, and even the colors they have. For example, tumblers start at $7.94 for a built double wall stainless steel tumbler and go up to around $33.

Thermos are known to be quite expensive depending on the material used for the exterior and the interior. Ozark Trail soft sided coolers cost around $65 for the cheapest model.

If you are looking for cheap bags of ice, you should look into the different places that sell bags of ice in Australia.


Walmart does not sell Yeti coolers or tumblers, but a few Yeti items are available for purchase from third party sellers on the Walmart website.

Yeti is best used in your dorm room, or in an office where the company’s products will be on full display in the kitchen. For use at home, it’s best to stick with the Ozark Trail Cooler or the Ozark Trail Tumbler. Both of these products have a good weight-to-size ratio and are suitable for the typical home or office.

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