Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice? (price, Locations + More)

When you put dry ice on top of something for a long time, it can make it cold for a long time!

But you need not worry! Online shopping has its own unique challenges to face and the same.

I was wondering if Walmart sold dry ice. So I went to their website and found this:

Dry ice is sold by Walmart and is not a food item.

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2022?

Walmart plans to sell dry ice in its stores as of 2022 because its Penguin freezers are popular with customers. At Walmart stores that sell dry ice, customers can find it in the Penguin freezers located next to the cashiers towards the front of the store. Customers purchase their dry ice from the cashier.

If you want to learn more about where to buy dry ice, how much it costs, and where to find it for sale, keep on reading!

How Much Is Dry Ice At Walmart?

A. The only Dry Ice that Walmart stocks is an “inferior product”
B. Walmart stocks an “inferior product”
C. Walmart stocks a product that is “inferior”
D. Walmart stocks dry ice that is “inferior”
Correct Answer: B


This is a good quality dry ice that is not expensive. People who buy and use dry ice for these purposes often get this type, which is between $1.00 and $3.00 on the market.

And it is not only the cost of dry ice that matters, but also the time it takes.

Walmart price for the dry ice is $1.44 at most stores. On this website, it says that the price is $1.47 at a few locations. But in other locations, you might be able to get it for $1.40.

How To Find Out If My Local Walmart Sells Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a gas, so it can’t be stored in a freezer or refrigerator.

Dry ice is another form of refrigerant that you won’t find in your local Walmart store. But you can always check the Walmart website to see whether Walmart has any in stock.

You just have to log in with your Facebook credentials to find a Store Locator Tool.

– Enter your state, city, or ZIP code to find the closest store.
– Your phone number will be listed with the store’s details.

From there, just ask the associate that’s checking out if they have bags of ice and if they are a Walmart associate. However, keep in mind that they may not have any on-hand.

Where To Find Dry Ice In Walmart?

Dry Ice will be stocked in Walmart stores as well as dedicated Penguin Brand Dry Ice freezers, which will be cold enough to prevent melting.

You can usually find ice freezers near the checkouts at the front of the store. They usually come as close to the entrance as possible so you don’t have to run from the store.

Additionally you may want to have a helper help you package the dry ice and keep the container in a clean location for a day or two.

Dry ice may be purchased at Walmart, and needs to be stored in an insulated cooler, and transportation may be accomplished in a box truck. You cannot just toss it in the back of your car or at the parkade.

Why Do Some Walmarts Not Sell Dry Ice?

Walmart’s stores do not have dry ice because it is harder to store if it is placed inside.

Walmart wants to use the freezer trucks to ship food across the country, so the company needs to find a place to store the extra frozen goods until they can be shipped. However, Walmart can’t ship dry ice in their trucks because they’re too expensive. Dry ice is also too large to fit into the truck’s freezers at Walmart.

They as well will be set at a temperature of around or below 0ºF. The advantage is that they will keep you freezers food frozen for a really long time.

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice Online?

 Dry ice shipping is not available on the Walmart website, but we can still ship Walmart brand dry ice to your door! Just place your order here!

Dry ice is not great for preserving food for longer than 24 hours, and it can be difficult to store for longer than a few days.

Dry ice is used primarily for shipping, keeping fresh and freezing food and drinks. For example, a pizza pie shipped or delivered with dry ice will remain frozen for up to two weeks.

What Other Ice Products Does Walmart Sell?

When you want a quick, inexpensive, and healthy snack, you can pick up a few bottles of iced tea, lemonade, or other drink mix. Make sure to check to see if they contain dry ice.

You would be amazed at the choices at Walmart. Besides ice, they also have coolers, ice packs and other products related to cold weather.

What Stores Sell Dry Ice?

There are several ways for you to find dry ice in your grocery store. Some stores sell dry ice by itself, others sell dry ice by the gram in a can. Some even have dry ice vending machines you can use to purchase dry ice for a very reasonable price.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

The dry ice is a good price and it lasts a long time.

You can use the dry ice to freeze small food items like a single egg, a bite-sized piece of cheese, or some grapes.

However, the dry ice is not the best option for cooling a large amount of food items.

When you call to check on the status of dry ice in your local Walmart store, the associate who answers the phone will be able to tell you whether or not they have any in stock.

Although Walmart, Safeway, and Kroger all sell dry ice in the form of ice chests, we do not know of any stores that offer dry ice in a bag.

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