Does Publix Sell Dry Ice? (Price, Brand, Locations + More)

Dry ice are good for cooking since you will use it to freeze food. They are also good for creating a fun effect in your fog machine. But it is hard to get dry ice.

You can find a lot of ice in your fridge at home, but you might want to know if Publix sells dry ice. Well, keep reading because I will tell you if Publix sells dry ice and where you’ll find it!

Does Publix Sell Dry Ice In 2022?

Although dry ice is an extremely useful product for science, cooking, and even for cleaning, it is also a dangerous chemical. Dry ice is basically carbon dioxide frozen until it can be safely transported and used. This chemical is odorless, and dangerous to handle if you don’t wear the proper safety equipment and follow the correct handling procedures.

When it comes to using dry ice in your home, you will likely be using it for just a few reasons. The most common reason to have it is to keep your food from spoiling. For instance, dry-ice packs are great for keeping hot or cold foods from going bad. They also help to keep food cold for longer periods, which means you won’t be using as much ice to keep it cold. Some people even use dry ice to keep their food cold in the summertime.

How Much Does Dry Ice Cost At Publix?

At Publix, the cost for dry ice is $1.50 to $2.00 per pound. The only dry ice brand that Publix carries is “Penguin Brand Dry Ice”.

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Which Publix Stores Sell Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a refrigerant that has no odor and is used in cooling. It is used in fog machines and other equipment that you’ll see during the Halloween season.

When it’s not Halloween, you will find dry ice at Publix locations near people with outdoor activities that they need to keep food cool.

Publix actually has a dry ice section in the refrigerated section of their stores. It has many uses. You can use it to cool drinks, as a food preservative, as an ice pack and can be used for many other things. They even have a dry ice machine you can get if you have a freezer.

Where Is Dry Ice In Publix Stores?

Dry ice can be placed in different places in Publix stores. The Penguin Brand Dry Ice freezer by the store entrance will often be open near the entrance doors.

The problem with dry ice is that if it’s not frozen, it’ll expand and crack the container. Also, you must ensure that the Publix store you’re in doesn’t have the temperature too low or the dry ice will sublimate.
[Answer on your question]: Publix stores may keep dry ice on the fresh produce in a specially labeled area, but not in the frozen food section.

How Do You Find Out If A Local Publix Sells Dry Ice?

You can check the store locator tool on the dry ice page to see if you are near a store that sells dry ice.

You can also find out how to use this tool by clicking on “Find a Store” on the Penguin Brand Dry Ice page.

There is really no need to use the store locator tool in order to get the best possible price since you can easily enter your address in the search bar and get the best price.

If you don’t understand the difference between the two tools, simply use the store locator tool since the price comparison tool is actually not as useful and helpful.

You can also find more information about dry ice in the grocery section of our website! You may need more information on how to store dry ice and the common uses for dry ice.

Does Publix Sell Dry Ice Online?

Dry ice is usually used for a number of reasons, including freezing and keeping food cold. However, it is not practical to store dry ice at home. Dry ice can be dangerous if placed near food or drinks. If you buy dry ice from Publix, keep in mind the following tips.

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is what we use to keep ice, frost, frozen foods, etc. cold. For this reason, we do not allow dry ice in the freezers for ice cream. Dry ice is used in our stores to keep the floor cool in extreme heat, like in summer.

Moreover, it is a dangerous material. While transporting it during transport, and while handling it during use, it should be handled carefully and with care.

What Other Ice Products Does Publix Sell?

Ice from the freezer section, which can be used for an hour or two, and Ice Cubes, which are best-suited for when you need ice for a longer period of time.

What Other Stores Sell Dry Ice?

If you don’t have a freezer, you can still do a dry ice experiment by buying bags of dry ice from a local grocer and then placing them in a jar, or in this case, a bottle.

The bottom line is that this was not a planned event, dry ice is not a necessary part of a typical event, and as such there are a number of good reasons to not offer dry ice for sale at your event.


Fortunately if you live near a beach, mountain range, or theme park, Publix has dry ice.

They sell it during the summer and Halloween season too.

You can find dry ice at Publix in the freezer that’s located near the front entrance, or you can find it by the frozen food section.

While dry ice might be a little more expensive than the typical ice available at the supermarket, it doesn’t have any of the environmental or health risks and side effects of those other products.

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