Does Publix Have Sushi? (price, Types + More)

Publix offers a wide array of sushi items, from Japanese rolls to California rolls. Many of the stores offer frozen sushi options as well.

Oh, the answer is complicated. The actual answer is that some sushi is good and some isn’t. The fact is that Publix actually has a sushi menu. However, there isn’t much to choose from because Publix sushi is always pretty bad.

Does Publix Have Sushi In 2022?

Publix does have sushi in most of its stores, including the seafood section, and there are pre-made sushi items and specialty items. Publix offers sushi trays, sushi platters, sushi rolls, sushi grilled dumplings, and more. This store offers a vast selection of sushi rolls, including vegan options. Every Wednesday, you can get sushi for $5.

If you’re wondering what types of sushi Publix has and what it’s going to cost you, then I’ve got you covered!

Do All Publix Locations Have Sushi?

I think it is a combination of tuna and crab as is in Japan. The crab meat is not very fresh, but the flavor is good.

Since they sell over 7,000 products in Publix, you can find different types of sushi, from the ones that aren’t the same price to those that are more expensive.

Does Publix Have $5 Sushi?

It’s a deal week at most Publix stores that carry sushi, so that means that you can get some of your favorite sushi at a discount!

What Kinds Of Sushi Does Publix Have?

Publix sushi is in many different types of platters, go trays, and sampler plates.

There is also an additional $2.39 fee for online orders. I’ve seen some of the sushi products in the past that have been cheaper but they have also included shipping.

Does Publix Sell Pre-Made Sushi?

I was thinking the same thing, even if you can’t find the specific rolls you crave, you can certainly find some sort of Asian-inspired roll. I’d recommend any of the spicy tuna rolls (like the one pictured above), the California rolls, or the “monster of the mountain,” which includes crab, tuna, avocado, ham, and spicy sauce. The rolls come in three sizes, and any other rolls or salads you see on the buffet will be the same thing just with different items on top.

Some places will give you rice, others will give you seaweed, and still others will give you both.

What Sushi Rolls Does Publix Have?

The spicy rolls are very delicious.
They are crunchy and have a nice texture.
I also like the sauce.

I like to eat Crunchy Rolls.


A few things to consider about the first line.

The famous California Rolls were first introduced in the early 1960s by the Japanese in California.

My favorite summer salad is made with sliced avocados. The avocado pairs so well with crunchy almonds.

The cheese and cream is in the rolls.

He sings about rock & roll, or, if you will, about rock & roll.

I’m the guy trying to make Rainbow Rolls.

> I’m the guy trying to make Rainbow Rolls.

Does Publix Sell Vegan Sushi?

The chain offers several Japanese options, and they are usually available at other locations, too.

And if you cannot find the vegan sushi that you want, you can ask someone in seafood if they still have vegan sushi.

Vegan stuff is difficult to get, and some stores don’t carry it all the time.

How Fresh Is Publix Sushi?

Publix has incredibly fresh, made from morning until 4 pm, then thrown out later that evening if Publix doesn’t sell it.

This also means that the quality of sushi is maintained, which is why your sushi is kept in a refrigerator.

How Much Does Sushi Usually Cost At Publix?

The cost of the sushi at Publix is different for different days of the week.

At the beginning of the day, you might have $5 for the rest of the week, so you’d just buy the $5 deal. Then, for $6 or $12, you’d make a deal for all of those items. Then, for $20, you’d do the biggest deal, which would be the $20 deal.

Can You Order Sushi Online At Publix?

It’s quite easy to order sushi online at Publix, and delivery is done by That said, you can find and order any ready-to-go pre-made sushi item, and it will be delivered within hours!

If you are new to Publix or are looking for help with a problem you may have, the following list is a reference for commonly asked questions or issues.


Almost all Publix location have sushi, and any Publix supermarket with a seafood section will carry many sushi products to fit your lifestyle and tastes!

If you come here for sushi, you can enjoy all the sushi rolls and sushi rolls available. You’ll also find a few vegan sushi rolls for your enjoyment. There’s a wide choice of soy products including vegan and gluten-free sushi products.

Also, Publix has a sushi bar that serves only sushi, so you can get sushi and eat it within the same restaurant!

Publix has many different sushi menu options including sushi platters, grilled dumplings, salads, samplers, rolls, and so many other sushi menu options that you’ll never get bored.

Finally, you can order any kind of sushi from any major restaurant through your Instacart order. So you won’t need to leave your house.

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