Does Publix Price Match? (try This Instead…)

Price matching is something many stores do to get your business. But, there is competition among the stores. So, this is a question you can ask yourself if you’re looking for the best price, or just the best price.

We all know that Publix has the best prices in the industry, but did you know that they also price match? We’re going to talk about that and everything else, too!

Does Publix Price Match In 2022?

Unfortunately, neither Publix nor any other grocer in Florida will price match as of 2022. However, they will accept competitor coupons with no restrictions as they are willing to allow shoppers to purchase 2 items at a discount.

In this article, I’ll answer all of your questions about what exactly is price matching, which stores are price matching, and how to know if you’re getting a good price at a particular store.

Does Publix Price Match Walmart?

Sometimes you can find coupons that are not listed at like when Walmart has a promotion that was not listed at

Does Publix Price Match Winn Dixie?

Unfortunately, Publix does not price match Winn Dixie. They will accept coupons from other stores, but they will not honor ANY Winn Dixie coupons.

Does Publix Price Match Amazon?

This is not a price match. We do not price match. Amazon is not a competitor and we do not accept coupons from Amazon.

If you are a current Costco customer you may have found a price match, and we do price match Costco members. Costco is considered a competitor of Publix.

Does Publix Price Match Walgreens?

Unfortunately, when you shop at Publix, Publix does not price match Walgreens. You can use Walgreens coupons if Publix carries an identical product in the store.

Does Publix Price Match Kroger?

Kroger does not offer as many product coupons as other stores. But, you can use a Kroger coupon at Publix as long as Publix has the item.

Does Publix Pharmacy Price Match?

All deals are subject to availability, and all coupons must be presented in store to receive the discount.

The goal of that program is to save money on people’s prescription needs and it does that by creating a single point of care where people can fill their prescriptions and have it delivered right to their house.

They are trying to make sure that members are not signing up for a discount program that they are not already on.

That’s why it’s really important to know which prescriptions qualify for the program, so you don’t accidentally use the wrong medication during your free period.

Who Are Publix Competitors?

Some of Publix’s competitors include: Albertsons, Safeway, Shop ‘n Save, Shaw’s and Star Market. Publix is the largest grocery store chain in the United States.

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


Thank you for reporting this problem.
Please find below the information about this issue from Publix.

In order to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable, Publix will not honor the expiration date printed on the coupon.

As a result, you must get confirmation before using the coupon.

What Is The Publix Coupon Policy?

 If you have recently purchased coupons, the deal will be honored with those coupons.

What Other Stores Price Match?

Walmart offers price matching, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The offer is to match the price of a competitor at the time the offer is submitted. The offer must be in writing and submitted no later than two business days after the sale in order for the price match to be honored.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stores that do not price match, so it’s best to go shopping at a retail or hardware store if you want to get a good deal.

So to get an idea of how often the price match occurs, I’m going to go through some prices on the Home Depot website and compare them to what you can find at Amazon’s price comparison site.


Publix is the only grocery store that takes Amazon, Walmart, and other grocery stores coupons and in return, they charge you a fee.

This is not correct. All coupons must be for the exact products offered by the competitor to be accepted.

If you are a Loyalty Rewards program member, you are more than welcome to use the other coupons at Publix, such as those from Kroger.

Some of the stores that does not price match is Sears, Target, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Petco, and Petsmart. You should check the store policy for price match.

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