Does Hobby Lobby Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

When you are buying items from major retailers you can take advantage of the companies’ price matching policies in order to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

If you are wondering whether price matching is available at Hobby Lobby, read this article to learn it all about the subject.

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Does Hobby Lobby Coupon Match?

Hobby Lobby sells the same things as any other big box store, except for some coupons and a couple of smaller items that are not sold anywhere else.

Does Hobby Lobby Match Online Prices?

The company offers the same price at its website and the physical store but you are responsible for any taxes.

It also says that while it doesn’t guarantee that it will match the price of an item at different stores, it won’t give it to customers free of cost.

Does Hobby Lobby Match Amazon?

One of the reasons why Amazon doesn’t try to match anyone’s prices is that even if the company managed to beat its competitors, it would end up doing it at a loss. It is a profitable company, but Amazon is a very “big” company so it has to make up for a large amount of losses.

Does Hobby Lobby Price Match Walmart?

Based on the Hobby Lobby website, which states that they price match all retailers, we can assume that they will price match Walmart.

The best way to get competitive prices on the items that you’d want to buy is to go to your local store and buy them yourself.

However, if you are shopping at Hobby Lobby’s physical stores, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal.

 Hobby Lobby also won’t match Walmart coupons or items that have been marked down from the original price. So if you want to save money, you’ll have to shop elsewhere.

Does Hobby Lobby Price Match Target?

Hobby Lobby says that they will price match Target for items that are similar in every way to the ones that are in their stores as long as the price hasn’t been marked down.

The only way to get this deal is through the stores directly. It’s not even offered online, and isn’t easily available for free shipping.

Does Hobby Lobby Price Match Michael’s?

Hobby Lobby will match every competitor’s price and offer, should it decide to sell the same item.

However, you cannot match Michael’s coupons unless you’re at one of the store locations and the coupon was purchased at the Michael’s store.

Does Hobby Lobby Price Match Cricut?

According to the company’s page on pricing, Hobby Lobby won’t price match items from Cricut, except identical patterns and coupons.

What Is the Hobby Lobby Price Adjustment Policy?

Customers should keep all of their receipts. They should be kept safely for the next 6 months. If there are any other transactions from that store, add a new receipt.

You can return the item and get a refund if you have the receipt or if the item was bought less than 14 days ago and if the item has been discounted.

If the item you bought was marked down from $59.99 to $49.99 within the next 14 days, you can provide your receipt and get the $10 in the form of gift card.

Hobby Lobby runs out of the product quite often, so you should stock up on the essentials as soon as you can.


Hobby Lobby is not going to match coupons online but will price match. They will match most retailers except Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Silhouette, Cricut and Simplicity & McCall’s patterns.

Additionally, the business’s stores do not offer any discounts on items marked down through closeout and clearance sales or other promotional discounts.

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