15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (you’d Never Guess It)

Walmart makes sure that every single customer who walks in the door is able to find what they are looking for.

Because Walmart sells a broad range of products, they attract a large number of shoplifters.

Walmart is one of the most common places to find stolen items. It’s not always the items themselves, like electronics, that are the most common targets. Sometimes it’s things like bags that are stolen. We may have lost our bag and we just want to make sure it never comes back.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart In 2022!

1. Cosmetics

Stores can suffer significantly in the theft of cosmetics due to their size, though in a different sense than one may assume. Items can be quite small in some cases, so while they may not be “permanently” stolen, they can be easily hidden in someone’s bag or in their home.

It’s difficult to catch someone red-handed if they are carrying lipstick, or a small make-up item, in their pocket.

2. Portable Electronics

Electronic items are often thought to be of greater value compared to other items that may be stolen. However, the majority of the electronics that are stolen are those of smaller size.

Larger and more expensive electronic products are usually placed in display cases behind locked doors, so loose and smaller electronic products are more practical for shoplifters.

3. Packed Meats

The thief and shoplifter world is a strange one; there’s a lot of rules and regulations that they have to follow.

Shoplifters are stealing iPhones for easy profits….

4. Alcohol

Alcohol that is more expensive, and comes in more expensive packaging, tends to be taken to a more upscale venue. More upscale alcohol goes on the shelves, while cheaper alcohol is kept in the refrigerator.

5. Cell Phone Accessories

Shoppers should be extremely wary of the fact that some cell phone accessories and other merchandise can easily be hidden on one’s person, especially cell phone cases, which can be slipped directly onto one’s personal device right there in the store!

6. Baby Formula

Apparently baby formula is a pretty good way to profit off the shelf, and the baby formula on the shelf has been stolen, so why not snatch a few bottles from the shelves and make a quick profit!

7. Sunglasses

Because of the lack of visual verification, a customer can get a pair of glasses from a department and don’t know if they are correct.

8. DVDs, Blu-rays and Video Games

In addition, some have even found that they can be used with very good effect while drunk…

9. Razor Blades

Walgreens is now selling razor blades behind locked doors.
[Video]: It’s a big change, and the new policy is pretty much just a matter of convenience for the customer.

You know, it’s crazy because they were actually a popular item amongst shoplifters!

10. Over The Counter Drugs

 Itís not a difficulty so much as a practical problem, which is one of getting a visa approved.

Over-the-counter drugs would fetch a high price because they are hard to get.

11. Cigarettes

The most expensive of the bunch are the 1,000,000 yen (around $8,620 at the time of this writing) and 2,000,000 yen (~$15,780) versions.

12. Jewellery

You can hide your gold coins in your pocket and it will be easy to get a massive amount of gold at a later time, while also not giving off a huge risk of someone trying to take them from you.

13. Sporting Goods

It could be said that stealing is the best thing you can do with the things you don’t have a right to have.

14. Jeans

The stolen fashion has always been popular to shoplifters. Some will even steal a piece of clothing from a changing room and not even intend to steal the other items with the clothing, like a jacket.

15. Swimsuits

These can easily be stolen or hidden in bags and pockets.

What Is The Most Shoplifted Walmart In America?

I am sure some of you have been on the receiving end of this title. If not, then I am sure you’ve heard about it. It is common practice for Walmart to place these awards to its stores that are having problems.

When customers leave the store, they usually take with them items they do not want to keep in their home. Sometimes, they choose to keep a lot of items that they do want to have in their home. Many customers have a hard time deciding which items they want to take home.

To learn more, you can find out how Walmart tracks shoplifters and if they press charges on shoplifters.

In addition to my post on the best sellers at Walmart, also check out this article detailing the most sold items at Walmart.


A number of items go missing from the Walmart store every day. These are smaller items that can be easily hidden and thus go unnoticed when there are no customers in the store!

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