Kroger Shoplifting Policy (Warning: Must Read)

Shoplifting can be expensive if you’re going to have to replace something or file a police report. The best way to prevent shoplifting is to implement a comprehensive shoplifting policy.

Some stores require shoppers to use a personal identification (ID) when entering a store. If you forget to take your ID, you will be directed to the loss prevention office.
Some stores do not allow shoppers to enter if they are not carrying a valid form of ID. However, shoppers without valid IDs are still allowed to enter the store with cash.
Some stores require an additional security clearance before allowing shoppers into the store.
Some stores require shoppers to show a receipt when leaving the store if they have not purchased anything at the time of exiting the store.

Kroger Shoplifting Policy In 2022

The LP team members keep an eye on the whole store, from the beginning of the business hours until the closing, for the purpose of detecting shoplifting attempts and recovering stolen goods. Any person caught stealing while in the store is subjected to punishments. Additionally, the LP team is trained in customer loyalty and will prevent customers from taking anything from the shelves.

If you want to know more about the no-touch policy at Kroger, whether Kroger has any loss prevention measures, and much, much more, keep on reading!

What Happens If A Shoplifter Is Caught At Kroger?

If a shoplifter is caught at the grocery store, not only will the stolen item be retrieved, the individual will also be fined some sum of money for restitution.

In other cases, since the shop was identified as private property, we could treat the shoplifter as offender and place him on a ‘no trespassing list’.

Is There A No Touch Policy At Kroger?

Kroger’s “no-touch” policy is that no one should touch the food inside the store.

store personnel must not use any force to protect themselves from physical harm. This is to avoid anyone getting hurt.

The store is equipped with cameras, and they are now using facial recognition software to help identify shoplifters.

But the police can’t do this because a) the police don’t have the resources to do this, and b) the police don’t want to get involved in such a situation.

However, according to online reports, some Kroger stores will actually apprehend confirmed shoplifters and hand them over to the police for prosecution.

Does Kroger Have A Loss Prevention Policy?

Kroger Loss Prevention Officers (or LP Officers) help to prevent and prevent crimes in the stores.

As part of the LVP policy, employees have to constantly offer help to customers, specially the ones who are suspected to be shoplifting.

This makes shoplifting hard to do – the potential thief will actually be watched by an employee making it easy for them to be caught.

If a shoplifter is asked to place their items back, the store employee will try to use gentle words and may not use an assertive tone to get the customer to comply.

How Does Kroger Track Shoplifters?

Kroger’s security department uses cameras to monitor suspicious activities in the store, they will check the tapes to look for shoplifters.

Kroger is also expanding its testing by adding cameras in stores that are not part of the pilot program.

Kroger uses cameras on the price-tags of its grocery items to collect data about shoppers for advertising and marketing purposes.
The cameras are embedded into the price tags by third-party manufacturers to help the retail giant identify which product the shopper is trying to steal.

What Are The Fines, Fees, Or Penalties For Shoplifting At Kroger?

At a minimum, Kroger will ban shoplifters and anyone violating store policy from entering its stores, pressing criminal charges if the person violates this ban and tries to re-enter a Kroger store, and pressing criminal charges against anyone whose vehicle is used to facilitate shoplifting.

The most likely charges to be levied against you include theft of goods valued at a certain percentage of the value of the money stolen.

A class C misdemeanor is a misdemeanor that is generally classified as less serious than a class A or B misdemeanor crime. Most states set a limit below which shoplifting incidents are classified as a class C minor misdemeanor and dealt with through a fine.

For example, if a person is caught stealing one iPhone, he will need to pay a fine and the government will confiscate the phone. If the value of the phone is more than 100,000 yuan, the fine will be increased by 50,000.

A more in depth explanation of how CVS, Best Buy, and Dollar General conduct their internal investigations may be found here: In-store Investigation Guide: How Companies Handle Shoplifting. It is important to note that all three stores mentioned in this paragraph have their own policies, with a few basic similarities.

Conclusion: Kroger Shoplifting Policy

LP teams have a loss prevention team at every store to monitor and deter potential shoplifting activities. In most cases, employees are not allowed to chase after shoplifters to avoid any kind of harm but to report the license plate number and other details of that person to the police. In some cases, LP teams will be allowed to attempt to apprehend shoplifters if caught on camera but will not be allowed to harm the shoplifter.

Kroger uses network cameras to record incidents of shoplifting and, if the value of the stolen goods is large, a possible jail sentence, while a team of trained managers help police solve crimes.

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